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Multi-emulator setting?


I asked this on the themes subforum but i probably should've asked here.
Is there a way (AKA did someone come up with a plugin) to have more than one .exe in a single emulator? meaning, swapping between snes9x and bsnes inside the same AM "emulator".
I'd like to have the option to go back and forth between the two, i already have the savestates and such set up and working. All i need is for a way to avoid having to create duplicate emulators inside AM just for this thing.

sorry for spamming this across two subforums i'm excited about the idea

Something similar:

You can add another .exe in same display as told as here:
-set snes9x as usual in display executable and command arguments
-set a button in controls for : "Edit Game"
-press this button in display gamelist
-in this Edit Menu, set executable and command arguments for this specifc game for BSNES
-if not longer necessary : remove it from Edit Menu


Switch between configurations. Problem is, that attract must be closed.
-create two cfg-files each system:

-create two batch-files each system:
--- Code: ---@echo off
taskkill /F /IM "attract.exe"
copy /Y "C:\attract\emulators\TwoSystems\BSNES.cfg" "C:\attract\emulators\SNES.cfg"
cd "C:\attract"
start "" "attract.exe"
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---@echo off
taskkill /F /IM "attract.exe"
copy /Y "C:\attract\emulators\TwoSystems\SNES9X.cfg" "C:\attract\emulators\SNES.cfg"
cd "C:\attract"
start "" "attract.exe"
--- End code ---

start AM > press TAB key > Plug-Ins > UtilityMenu
Enabled : Yes
Control : u
Item 1 Menu Text : BSNES
Item 1 Command : "C:\attract\emulators\TwoSystems\CHANGE_BSNES.bat"
Item 1 Menu Text : SNES9X
Item 1 Command : "C:\attract\emulators\TwoSystems\CHANGE_SNES9X.bat"

if you press U button in display gamelist, a menu pop up:
if you choose BSNES, the batch-file CHANGE_BSNES starts.
it kills AM window > replace SNES.cfg with the BSNES.cfg > start attract.exe
if you choose SNES9X, the batch-file CHANGE_SNES9X starts.
it kills AM window > replace SNES.cfg with the SNES9X.cfg > start attract.exe


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