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Themes / Re: Modern Layout with video tiles
« on: February 20, 2015, 12:10:38 PM »
Although it's work in progress, my layout is attached if anyone want to take a look.

Suggestions are welcome.

Amongst the things ive been looking at

- pinch/skew, it seems i cant make an oval-ish/roundish shape , only polygonal. im looking into doing a fisheye style shape. Not sure if thats possible

-snap.video_playing boolean value doesnt do anything. but i should be able to find a reason soon enough since it works in the screensaver

-cant put a surface in the conveyor although it's an fe.image type. Well you can but it goes mad and glitchy. Solved with multiple objects aggregated instead of surface with multiple layers.

class GameItem
      local s = fe.add_artwork(my_config["orbit_art"]);
      //s.video_flags = Vid.NoAutoStart;//works but can't start playing
      local w = fe.add_artwork(my_config["wheel_art"]);
      snap = s;
      wheel = w;
   function set_size(w,h){snap.width = w;wheel.width = w;snap.height = h;wheel.height = h;}
   //function set_form(p){snap.pinch_y = p;wheel.pinch_y = p;}
   function set_x(x){snap.x = x; wheel.x = x}
   function set_y(y){snap.y = y; wheel.y = y-snap.height/1.2}
   function set_alpha(a){snap.alpha = wheel.alpha = a;}
   function set_bright(b){snap.set_rgb(b,b,b);wheel.set_rgb(b,b,b);}
   function video_play(){snap.video_playing = true;}//not working
   snap = null;
   wheel = null;

Themes / Modern Layout with video tiles
« on: February 15, 2015, 08:55:26 PM »
Nothing new, just using an extra conveyor with 3 backgrounds to fade without going to black in between. Not sure if there is a better way to do that.

Real run is smooth but youtube video is a bit choppy because of weak computer.

Got an issue where I can't change video_playing (true or false doesn't do anything)  when in a conveyor. If anyone knows why that would be helpful, i only wanted to play the video while selected.

Thanks for attract-mode very well made.

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