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Scripting / Is it possible to call another program from an AM plugin?
« on: December 17, 2020, 01:23:52 AM »
Hi. I'm using LEDSpicer to light up my LEDs but I can't for the life of me figure out how to tell it to restart the set of animations I've given it. The author seems to have gone cold on the the net atm, so I'm stumped. I thought I could create an animation set that would last for 2 minutes and then get an AM plugin to restart the profile that LEDSpicer uses to play those animations. I know how to wait a certain amount of time in the plugin and I know how to get it to randomly decide if it should restart the profile. My problem is how to actually call the program from in the plugin.

The command line to restart the profile is

Code: [Select]
LoadProfile ProfileName
This is the code I have so far, it runs every 20 minutes. Is it even possible to do with with a plugin in AM? I'm on a RASPBERRY PI 4 BTW with Raspbian.

Code: [Select]
restartPlugin = randInt(10);

if (restartPlugin < 2)
 // Use LoadProfile command line command to restart the profile


General / Is there anyway at all to install and run AM on a Pi 4?
« on: May 13, 2020, 05:12:20 AM »
Hi. Trying to find a way to install AM on a Pi 4 but having problems atm.

I know it's not in the experimental list of Retropie yet so I'm looking at doing it manually. I don't mind what OS us used, Retropie or Raspian Buster. Does anyone know if a step-by-step guide to getting it going, if it's possible?


General / Can you add AM to Retropie on a Pi 4?
« on: May 12, 2020, 09:34:08 AM »
Just installed RetroPie and Emulationstation on my Pi 4 and wanted to add AM to RP. I've read online that I should be able to add it through the experimental packages list on RP but AM isn't on there. Is it not yet support on RP for Pi 4? If not, is there another way to add it to RP manually?


General / Attract Mode Crashing to Desktop on Windows 10.
« on: May 10, 2020, 01:23:06 PM »
Hi. When I run AM it starts up to the language select screen but nothing happens. I can't move to select a language and as soon as I press ENTER it drops to the desktop. If I check the LAST_RUN.LOG file it says

Code: [Select]
Attract-Mode v2.6.1 (Windows, SFML 2.5.1 +SWF +7z +Curl)
avcodec 58.54.100 / avformat 58.29.100 / swscale 5.5.100 / avutil 56.31.100 / swresample 3.5.100

Config file not found: E:\AM\attract.cfg
 - Constructed 1 filters in 0 ms (1 comparisons)
Performing some initial configuration
 * atari800-5200[Not found]
 * daphne       [Not found]
 * dolphin-emu  [Not found]
 * dosbox       [Not found]
 * fbalpha      [Not found]
 * fs-uae       [Not found]
 * fusion       [Not found]
 * gens         [Not found]
 * mame         [Not found]
 * mame-nes     [Not found]
 * mednafen     [Not found]
 * mupen64plus  [Not found]
 * nestopia     [Not found]
 * pcsx         [Not found]
 * pcsx2        [Not found]
 * scummvm      [Not found]
 * snes9x       [Not found]
 * steam        [Not found]
 * stella       [Not found]
 * supermodel   [Not found]
 * vice         [Not found]
 * virtualjaguar[Not found]
 * windows_games[Not found]
 * zsnes        [Not found]
Done initial configuration

Problem is, it DOESN'T create the attract.cfg at all, so when I run it, I get the same problem. I've tried the daily build, running on different drives and folders, and setting it to run in administrator mode, but nothing works. I have an ATI Ryzen CPU and a NVidia 1080ti GPU with 16GB of RAM

Here's a video of what happens -

Does anyone have a fix? Thanks.

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