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Themes / Need some help with the listbox (games list)
« on: January 24, 2017, 10:29:44 PM »
Hi everyone! I've mentioned this before a while back but didn't get any response and I'm (again) wondering if I could get some help with the listbox, for the games list. When using wheels, the list of games is seamless, without any separation or breaks at the beginning or end. However, when making a games list (without wheels), this doesn't seem to be the case. Here's an example (screenshots below)

What I would like to do is make the games list continuous/seamless without any separation, often implemented in other frontends. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Here's the code from the layout .nut file

// Listbox Name
local l = fe.add_listbox( 1455, 159, 439, 825 );
l.rows = 12;
l.charsize = 27;
l.selbg_alpha = 0;
l.set_selbg_rgb( 100, 100, 100 );
l.set_rgb( 175, 175, 175 );
l.set_sel_rgb( 255, 255, 255 );
l.align = Align.Left;
l.sel_style = Style.Bold;

Any help would be very much appreciated :)

General / Need some help using fade with themes
« on: December 18, 2016, 05:11:59 AM »
Hey all! I've been trying to find some information about this and have looked through the forums and even at the code in some of the other themes but I haven't been able to find the answer as of yet. I've noticed that there is a fade module and I've been able to get it to work with various elements such as artwork, videos, etc. while customizing my own (personal) themes but is there any way to implement a fade when themes start/change? Any information would be much appreciated :)

Themes / concept layout - need some help
« on: May 27, 2016, 02:39:16 AM »
Hey all! I've been able to design and put together my own version of the "Concept" layout and it can be seen below here. However, I had a couple of questions.

1) How can I make the games list seamless/continuous? As you can see in the picture (below) it gets caught about halfway when you get to the first or last entries on the games list

2) How can I insert a "title" of the selected game in to the layout? I tried copying some code from other layouts but couldn't get it to work.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!  :D

Themes / Need some help with the animate module
« on: April 30, 2016, 08:48:08 AM »
Hi everyone. Hopefully someone out there can help me with this (seemingly) simple but somewhat confusing issue. I've made my own modified layout, based on the original "concept" layout which can be seen below. However, I wanted to change the transition of the boxart from a fade to an animation, where the boxart slides/flies in from the left. I've added the "fe.load_module("animate");" line in the layout.nut file and in the text where the images are, it currently looks like this

local background = fe.add_image ( "images/back.png", 0, 0, 1920, 1080 );
background.alpha = 200;

// Snap
local surface = fe.add_surface( 256, 256 );
local artwork = FadeArt( "snap", 0, 0, 256, 256, surface );
artwork.trigger = Transition.EndNavigation;
artwork.preserve_aspect_ratio = true;
surface.set_pos( 120, 590, 500, 500 );

// Flyer
local surface = fe.add_surface( 500, 500 );
local artwork = FadeArt( "flyer", 0, 0, 500, 500, surface );
artwork.trigger = TRIGGER;
artwork.preserve_aspect_ratio = true;
surface.set_pos( 30, 0, 590, 590 );

Any help would be very very much appreciated  :D

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