Author Topic: AM library managing tools source code released.  (Read 2010 times)


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AM library managing tools source code released.
« on: May 22, 2019, 01:39:47 PM »

Some time ago I shared some programs I've written to help manage my AM library (roms, assets, info). They were very focused on my needs so maybe a little tight on other setups.

Well, I just released their source code, so if anyone is interested here they are in all their AutoIt glory:
Show statistics about Attract Mode rom information and associated files
Display and  standardise Attract Mode rom information across all systems.
Scan history.dat and export game information on the Attract Mode overview format
Convert text to Attract Mode overview format and vice-versa

They are not commented (they were never intended to see the outside world) so any doubt you have you can ask me and IF I REMEMBER anything about them I might try to help :)