Author Topic: why am I accounts been removed?  (Read 707 times)


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why am I accounts been removed?
« on: April 03, 2023, 03:57:12 AM »
 :(  I’m not trying to start any drama here. I just like to know why my account was deleted off this Forum ?

This is the second time they did this to me and it’s completely wrong to be removing and deleting my account to this forum. I haven’t done nothing wrong to provoke the community or done anything to harm this community whatsoever, so why my account keeps on being deleted or removed from this website? i’ve been active for the past six months,  I come here to show stuff and also come by to ask for questions, looking for answers, and also following and supporting the zpaolo11x's arcade flow. All I have done was support zpaolo11x creation and his discord, so why am I being deleted or removed from this forum ? All my old comments, my old post and my old topics were all removed for no warning or no reason, including my account was removed.
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