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General / Re: All Games List?
« on: October 08, 2020, 07:54:41 AM »
You can write DOS Batch scripts (or korn shell if you're using a linux OS) to automatically combine all of the romlist text files into a single file, instead of manually launching each one, copy/pasting into a master list, etc.

That way, the automation script will copy all individual romlist file entries and put them into a single romlist file and save you a ton of time (no rescraping needed this way).

I found an old nevato modded theme folder on one of my's a zip with a few more cabs.

General / Re: Media
« on: September 09, 2020, 12:40:25 PM »
You could just use EmuMovies own sync tool (it's Windows only I think though).

That'll download whatever media you select for your roms.  It has a GUI interface, you select your rom folder, what system it is, and what media you want .. then tell it where to download them to.

General / Re: Attract Mode media files: video snaps and overviews
« on: August 31, 2020, 05:52:03 AM »
A few updates:

I've added a few more system videos (both 4x3 and 16x9 versions) to 1fichier.

Working with Dwayne, he's expanded on my original PNG collections for flyers and logos so I've removed my original links I had for them.

You can find his new versions here:

General / Re: Attract Mode portable - Variable d'environnement ?
« on: August 27, 2020, 08:21:21 AM »
Can you try having 2 dots at the beginning of those lines and see?

executable           ..\emulators\demul\demul.exe
rompath              ..\games\dreamcast

I'm wondering where Attract's starting directory is in relation to those two lines.  Does it start in the "attract" directory or does it start in the "attract\emulators" directory (where the various emulator config files are)?

It seems for artwork, it sets the "attract" folder as it's starting directory to find the artwork files.  I'm curious if those two lines use the "attract\emulators" directory instead (in which case you'd need to go up 1 directory to find the "games" directory").

You could also try this for the executable:

executable           .\demul\demul.exe

General / Re: Pi4 Attract Mode display menu for themes?
« on: August 20, 2020, 09:48:46 AM »
It sounds like your TAB key has been mapped to exit Attract Mode instead of bringing up the options/configure menu.

If you look at your attract.cfg file (located probably here: /home/pi/.attract hidden folder), look for the "input_map" section and see what has been setup for the "configure" option.

Here's mine:

   configure            Tab

So my TAB key on my keyboard brings up the options menu.

Look through that file and find all of the "Tab" entries and only leave it as "configure" and see what happens.

Systems I’ve been able to get working:

APF Imagination Machine
Acorn Archimedes
Acorn BBC Micro
Acorn Electron
Bally Astrocade
Bandai Super Vision 8000
Bit Corporation Gamate
Camputers Lynx
Casio PV-1000
Casio PV-2000
Coleco Adam
Creatronic Mega Duck
Dragon 32 (cassettes and cartridges)
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Entex Adventure Vision
Epoch Game Pocket Computer
Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Exidy Sorcerer (included Basic based programs)
Fujitsu FM Towns
Fujitsu FM7 (cassettes and disks)
Interton VC 4000
MGT Sam Coupe
Mattel Aquarius
Memotech MTX
Sharp MZ-2500
Sharp MZ-700
Sharp X1 (supports multi-disk games)
Sord M5
Spectravideo (cassettes and cartridges)
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer (cassettes and cartridges)
Tandy TRS-80
Tangerine Oric
Texas Instruments TI 99-4A (including 32k ram games)
Tomy Tutor
VTech CreatiVision
VTech Laser 200
Watara Supervision

Additional examples

Here are some additional system examples for the Attract Mode emulator config file and the special *.bat launcher scripts.

Emersion Arcadia 2001

BIOS:  none needed

Attract Mode emulator file:

filename:  Emerson Arcadia 2001.cfg

file contents:

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.4.1-1
executable           cmd
args           /c cd “D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\" & mess_arcadia.bat "[romfilename]"
rompath              D:\Roms\arcadia\
romext               .zip;.ZIP;.bin;.BIN
system               Emerson Arcadia 2001
artwork    boxart          D:\Roms\arcadia\boxart
artwork    cartart          D:\Roms\arcadia\cartart
artwork    flyer             D:\Roms\arcadia\flyer
artwork    marquee      D:\Roms\arcadia\marquee
artwork    snap            D:\Roms\arcadia\snap
artwork    wheel           D:\Roms\arcadia\wheel

RetroArch_MESS launcher script

filename:  mess_arcadia.bat

file contents:

echo off
set arg1=%1
@echo retroarch.exe -L cores\mame_libretro.dll mess.cmd > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\run_mess.bat
@echo arcadia -rp ".\system" -cart %arg1% > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\mess.cmd


Sord M5


Attract Mode emulator file:

filename:  Sord M5.cfg

file contents:

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.4.1-1
executable           cmd
args           /c cd “D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\" & mess_m5.bat "[romfilename]"
rompath              D:\Roms\m5\
romext               .zip;.ZIP;.bin;.BIN;.cas;.CAS;.rom;.ROM
system               Sord M5
artwork    boxart          D:\Roms\m5\boxart
artwork    cartart         D:\Roms\m5\cartart
artwork    flyer             D:\Roms\m5\flyer
artwork    marquee      D:\Roms\m5\marquee
artwork    snap            D:\Roms\m5\snap
artwork    wheel           D:\Roms\m5\wheel

RetroArch_MESS launcher script

filename:  mess_m5.bat

file contents:

echo off
set arg1=%1
@echo retroarch.exe -L cores\mame_libretro.dll mess.cmd > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\run_mess.bat
@echo m5 -rp ".\system" -cart %arg1% > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\mess.cmd

These older MESS based systems require a little more work to get them running within Retroarch with the MAME (MESS) core.

One thing I’ve learned, though, is I’ve had to Google many times for some older computer systems to figure out how to actually load a cassette or run it once it’s loaded.

Here’s a good webpage for a few of the more popular computers.

Bally Astrocade Example:

Rom/Game launches

If all went well, Retroarch should launch with the MAME core using the MESS *.cmd file for command line arguments.

Retroarch will start with full keyboard emulation enabled.

This means the ESCAPE key will not work to exit the game and TAB will not work to bring up the MESS GUI config window.

Press the Scroll Lock key to switch to Partial keyboard emulation. Once switched, ESCAPE and TAB will work as expected.

Access the MESS GUI to configure specific controller/gamepad buttons as needed, swap disks sometimes, etc.

Some games use the number pad for game controls, some use ESCAPE as a fire button, some use SHIFT or various other keyboard keys. That’s why the default is full keyboard emulation.

Bally Astrocade Example:

Retroarch config:

Download and extract Retroarch

I renamed the extracted folder (to keep it separate from my standard Retroarch emulator folder). This keeps my MESS based systems together and separate from my other configuration (for MAME, NES, SNES, etc).

I have this version of Retroarch installed here:


Place the BIOS file here:


Once you have Retroarch installed with the latest MAME core and BIOS file, you’ll need to make some adjustments in the core options file.

This sets up MAME so it does not force it to use the software list Hash files.  This lets us use any rom folder name and file naming convention we want to.

filename:  retroarch-core-options.cfg

Add these lines:

mame_softlists_enable = "disabled"
mame_softlists_auto_media = "disabled"
mame_boot_from_cli = "disabled"
mame_mouse_enable = "enabled"

Special *.bat files:

Each MESS based system will have it’s own Windows *.bat launcher script. 

Attract Mode launches the *.bat file passing the rom filename.  This special *.bat file creates a MESS *.cmd file with MESS command line arguments and then launches Retroarch using the *.cmd file.

Here’s our example:

filename:  mess_astrocde.bat

file contents:

echo off
set arg1=%1
@echo retroarch.exe -L cores\mame_libretro.dll mess.cmd > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\run_mess.bat
@echo astrocde -rp ".\system" -cart %arg1% > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\mess.cmd

Line explanations:

echo off
This lines turns off any DOS terminal messages

set arg1=%1
This line is the passed “[romfilename]” value

@echo retroarch.exe -L cores\mame_libretro.dll mess.cmd > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\run_mess.bat
This line creates the temporary *.bat file that will be executed to launch the rom/game

@echo astrocde -rp ".\system" -cart %arg1% > D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\mess.cmd
This line adds the MESS command line arguments to the MESS *.cmd file that sets up how to run the rom/game.
For Astrocade games, they are cartridge based (-cart parameter)

This line runs the newly created temporary *.bat file
This launches Retroarch with the MAME core and tells Retroarch to use the MESS *.cmd file.

Emulators / Re: Running MESS systems within Attract Mode (Windows PC)
« on: July 16, 2020, 08:04:10 AM »
Bally Astrocade Example:

Attract Mode config:

My Attract Mode is installed here:


Here’s my Attract Mode emulator config file:

filename:  Bally Astrocade.cfg

file contents:

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.4.1-1
executable           cmd
args           /c cd "D:\Emulators\RetroArch_MESS\" & mess_astrocde.bat "[romfilename]"
rompath              D:\Roms\astrocde\
romext               .zip;.ZIP;.bin;.BIN
system               Bally Astrocade
artwork    boxart          D:\Roms\astrocde\boxart
artwork    cartart          D:\Roms\astrocde\cartart
artwork    flyer             D:\Roms\astrocde\flyer
artwork    marquee      D:\Roms\astrocde\marquee
artwork    snap            D:\Roms\astrocde\snap
artwork    wheel           D:\Roms\astrocde\wheel

Attract Mode will launch a special *.bat file (mess_astrocde.bat in this example) and pass it the “[romflename]” value.

Each MESS system will have its own special *.bat file to use (see below).

Setup a display for it and generate the romlist if needed.

Windows PC - Attract Mode - Retroarch - MESS systems

Hey group….ever wanted to tinker around with MESS based systems on a Windows PC build with Retroarch?

I’ve slowly been working through this process and adding MESS based systems using Retroarch.  So far, I’ve been able to figure out quite a few systems using this method.

It’s easier on a Raspberry Pi / RetroPie build to do it - but i wanted to also get it working on my Windows PC build.

I’ve worked out a method to get any MESS based system working and it’s easy to add new ones (it might take a little bit to figure out the exact MESS command line arguments though).

Using this method, you do not need to adhere to the old MESS convention of using the Hash files.  Setting up Retroarch/MAME core to not use software lists makes this possible.

The latest MAME Retroarch core includes MESS built into it so there is no separate MESS core.

Sorry for the long post and I hope it makes sense. 
If anyone would like to see a video demo of this method, let me know and I’ll make one and post it.

I’ll work through the method here and demonstrate it using the Bally Astrocade system.


High level overview of this method:

Attract Mode will launch a special Windows *.bat file and pass it the “[romfilename]” value.

This special *.bat file is located in the Retroarch directory.

The *.bat file is used as a command line launcher script so we can pass MESS based command line arguments to it.

This allows the ability to setup cassette, floppy assignments, memory expansions, etc.

The *.bat file creates a secondary MESS *.cmd file with the MESS command line parameters and then launches it.

This launches Retroarch with the MAME (MESS) core with the new command line parameters and our rom file.



Windows PC Attract Mode
Retroarch with the latest MAME core installed (it has MESS built into it)
MAME/MESS BIOS files (obtained from latest MAME and latest MAME Software List versions)

The BIOS files go into the Retroarch\system folder

General / Re: [HELP] Displays Menu Options...
« on: June 22, 2020, 10:54:34 AM »
Since you already have a 3-tier nested menu working .. you've got that part all handled.

But, I'm thinking, if you are wanting to go to a 2-tier menu like this:

Displays Menu/Main Menu
    | - Consoles (have romlist with all games from all consoles available)
    | - Handhelds (have romlist with all games from all handhelds available)

But....when you go into Consoles ... let's say, you are initially only seeing NES games.  Scrolling up/down through NES games only.  You would like to be able to "go to next console" from there and only see, say SNES games.

Here's an idea:

1. create a master consoles_only.txt romlist
    manually copy-paste all of your current console romlist file's contents into this single large file

2. create a new Consoles_Only display
    set it up to use this newly made consoles_only.txt romlist

Now...setup new filters on this new filter for every console system you have.

Let's say you have the following consoles.


Setup a new filter called "NES" with this:

Emulator = "NES"

Now create 3 more filters:

filter name: SNES
filter: Emulator = "SNES"

filter name: TG16
filter: Emulator = "TG16"

filter name: ATARI2600
filter: Emulator = "ATAR2600"

Setup a hotkey button to cycle through Filters.

I'm thinking what you should end up with is, a new display that has a romlist with every game from those consoles...but the new display is governed by various filters that are setup to only show games from a single system.

The "All" filter will still be there and show all games (but you could remove it if wanted).  Otherwise, you'd just press a button to cycle through the Filters for each system and use Up/Down to scroll the games.

Just replace the samples above with your proper emulator names.

Hope that makes sense (it did in my head when typing....LOL).


Added 440 new system platform videos.

These are done in the same style as EmuMovie's "EM Default (HQ)(4x3)" platform videos.  They are 640x480 system snaps that can be used in various ways within Attract Mode's themes.

Added many more systems along with Collections and Main Menu videos.

Link is in the main post above.

(note: I've also uploaded them to EmuMovies FTP and sent a note to Circo about them)

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