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Themes / Re: GAMERS SYSTEM HD v1.0 (JukeBox, E-Carddass, Video Game Frontend)
« Last post by kent79 on Yesterday at 04:05:45 PM »
Hi All,

The theme is finally repacked and releas.  Name is changed to "GAMERS SYSTEM". There is not only combine with Carddass function. There is some ajustment on whole system. So, we would like to recommend all current user update it to latest version. Thanks & Enjoy  ;D

One more thing, since I lack of skill to make a attractive video, if someone have interest to make a video trailer for this system. Please let me know. Thank you.
General / Re: How much memory dose this need to run on a Linux Armv8 board
« Last post by akafox on October 16, 2021, 07:50:41 AM »
You will be hard pressed to make AM run smooth on that board with so little ram just so you know.
General / Re: Mame games list question
« Last post by akafox on October 16, 2021, 07:48:46 AM »
@clockman You CAN use a list xml for retroarch...well sort of... Find a version of mame on the main mame site here that matches the version of the retroarch core you are using. (That can be found here) then use that version of mame for your executable. It will use that versions xml list..which will math the version of the mame core you are using.

Now this may not be one hundred percent mind you because say the mame 2003 plus core is modified and many games added to it that were not in the regular 2003 bulid of mame.

Also note that this will only work in Windows (or linux via wine).

If you really want to be picky and micromanage your lists, make a copy of your lists and open them in a plain text editor (i.e. notepad in windows or nano in linux) or rename them from list.txt to list.csv and open them in a spreadsheet program to really tweak them! Just make sure you save them as plain test csv format files NOT anything else or you will destroy your lists! (That's why you made a back up first like I said right!?) Then rename the list.csv file back to list.txt and make sure they are on your attract romlist folder so that AM can see them!

General / Re: POLL: What system are you running Attract Mode on?
« Last post by akafox on October 16, 2021, 07:27:28 AM »
PopOS is linux and  ubuntu based so I would think that the ubuntu compile instructions here will do that for you..and it has a list of needed dependencies. One that is missing is libcurl, but it is not needed unless you plan to scrape artwork and such.
General / Re: Need a guide to compile AM for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
« Last post by akafox on October 16, 2021, 07:17:18 AM »

you can try the actually ubuntu compile instructions too. Just copy the line there to grab the needed dependencies...however one I think that is missing is libcurl, you will need that if you plan to scrape artwork and stuff! (you'll need libcurl-dev packages too!)

I think it should work for an odroid.

Hope that helps :3
Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.7 (Finial Build)
« Last post by kent79 on October 16, 2021, 03:34:03 AM »
Hi All, Since I would like to consolidate all materials. This post will be hold on and I will update again once completed  :)
General / Re: Need a guide to compile AM for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
« Last post by Strider_Hiryu on October 14, 2021, 03:17:05 PM »
My fault that I didn't mention that I added this Ubuntu image to my Odroid XU4. I was using the ARES build, but I decided to try a different OS. If anyone has suggestions as to what commands to use in the terminal, please let me know. Thanks.
General / Need a guide to compile AM for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
« Last post by Strider_Hiryu on October 14, 2021, 02:28:32 PM »
Hello everyone. I made an attempt to run some commands to get RetroArch installed on my Ubuntu OS. I would like to build Attract Mode so I can add a nice frontend too. Does anyone have a guide or a list of commands I can use to build it on 20.04 LTS? Thank you for your help.  ;D
General / Re: Emulator not closing the game on exit.
« Last post by slowsl on October 14, 2021, 12:45:56 PM »
Resfix addon didn't do anything.  Playing with different settings last night, I changed the exit game key, it was "escape", but now I left it blank.  All of a sudden the MAME games exit completely as they should.   Strange.  It has been this way for a very long time.  Now I'm stuck with MAME being the only emulator that cannot simply exit with one button (escape button), but instead, MAME needs to use the hotkey+escape.  I wonder what could have changed to cause this strange behavior when using just escape to exit, must be some kind of conflict somewhere.
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