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The Great Themes Collection for Attract-Mode Plus [Beta]

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This is a beta release of The Great Themes Collection for Attract-Mode Plus.
The aim of this release is to test it on various user PCs.

What's new:
- Massive code update all across the board
- The new Wheel is finally here! Huge difference from the old one - much faster, way smoother, immensely better!  8)
- Added a global Favorites system that allows the user to view and launch all his favorite games, from all systems, from one display (Favourites theme). The new system creates and manages a Favorites.txt romlist. So when you create your favorites display, just point it to the Favorites romlist and you are done. Couldn't be simpler!
Remark: for the global favorites system to work properly, in AM Configure menu, set 'Confirm Favourites' to 'No'.
- Added a music player capability to all the themes. Each theme can point to a different music folder, or just play music from the default folder: 'attract/gtc-common/music'
- Added a new animation module class called ArtworkGTC (derived from my work on the Hyperspin Attraction build). This module allows for some more complex inertia based animations to be added to layouts
- Added a CD/DVD rotation animation to all themes that feature such media art
- Replaced some of the hovering animations with new ArtworkGTC based ones
- Added a new theme for the Amiga: 'Commodore Amiga Workbench'
- 'Hyperspin Theme Mode Main Menu' is now called 'Main Menu Hyperspin' and was updated to the latest version featured in the Hyperspin Attraction build
- Consolidated the At-The-Arcade-Capcoms into one theme
- Consolidated the At-The-Arcade-Sega Models into one theme
- Added a new Plugin called 'Wheel Navigator' that allows to either randomly spin the wheel or navigate forward one game at a time after a certain amount of user inactivity time has passed (very similar to what Hyperspin has).
- As AM+ has removed all flash related support, GTC is now flash free!

For now at least, I have removed the 'Hyperspin Theme Mode' layout from the collection as it has evolved into a system of it's own.

Download the collection:

Fantastic works as usual !
Downloaded and I'll test it soon.

Thanks !!

Excellent work fella!

Beta 2 released:
- Added a missing module (thanks Enkak)
- Better global favorites system that now also creates a backup of your favorites romlist when AM+ loads
- A few bug fixes

Download from original post:

Hi. This project seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. I cant find any download or every video or screenshot. Is there any updated download link?


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