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Pop'n Music R - JukeBox Theme for Arcade Cabient (800 x 600)


The new theme is coming.  :)

Demo video

Download link

- the video will be continuous playing or jump to next one (it depends of playing mode setting)
- there is 3 modes of playing videos, repeat, shuffle, repeat track. You can switch the mode at anytime
- you can set default playing mode in option
- one button to random video at anytime
- font supports displaying English, Japanese & Chineses text
- the system only support video format like as mp4, any audio format like as mp3 don't support in this moment

Setup Guide
1. Recommand using Retroarch for video player. cfg sample.

--- Code: ---executable           C:\retroarch\retroarch
args                 "[romfilename]"
rompath              C:\AMV\OPED
romext               .mp4
artwork    flyer           C:\AMV\boxart
artwork    video           C:\AMV\OPED
artwork    wheel           C:\AMV\wheel
--- End code ---

2. The video file name should be modify as below format.  You may append (J), (US), (E) words at the end of file name to define the language of video. It will let you display language icon on screen correctly.
Orginial video file name: Zenki OP1
New video file name: Zenki OP1 (J)

If you don't want to change filename. You may goto layout options to setup default language. This options is handle unformatted files.

3. Disable AM bulitin screensaver
Set timeout to 0

There is update of demo video.  :)

The theme is uploaded. Enjoy !  :)

Please let me know if you finding any issue. Thanks.

Mirror updated for some adjustment


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