Author Topic: MAME merged sets and CATVER.INI  (Read 982 times)


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MAME merged sets and CATVER.INI
« on: January 06, 2022, 03:13:02 PM »
I have merged MAME roms so generating a romlist from the AttractMode interface ignores all clones...

I can export from MAME and use: attract --import-romlist mamelist.xml mame --full so now i also have all clones, but how can i integrate catver.ini or nplayers.ini into the final list?

Mark Norville

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Re: MAME merged sets and CATVER.INI
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2022, 12:28:01 AM »
You need to put them into a folder, I have mine in a metadata folder

In emulators MAME you need to find additional import files and put the catver.ini and nplayers.ini into that, so as an example

C:\Your Emulator Directory\metadata\catver.ini; (semi colon as a space)C:\Your Emulator Directory\metadata\nplayers.ini

You then have to use filters to get rid of the clones, however there are a lot of good clones out there so you need to keep chipping through your MAME collection and find the best games, it takes a while, but worth it in the end.

You will end up with about 3,000 games or just under.


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Re: MAME merged sets and CATVER.INI
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2022, 08:36:45 PM »
While mark is correct on all counts

If you want to do a 'clean' set you will need a rom manager like clrmamepro I make my roms as non-merged and then create my list and filter it using a spreadsheet pick the roms I want and then build a script to delete the rest. it is overkill and take some work.and some learning..but with hard drives being so much larger these days it may not matter  ::) :P

However you may want to remember that most people do not remember "Puckman" but they do remember "Pac-Man" (i.e. puckman is the parent and is needed to run pacman...this goes for galaga3 and some others..

Also there are roms in a mame set are are marked as not working in need to have them take up space on the drive either...but like I said above  ;)

mame dats for clrmamepro video to use clrmame pro here

fun fact: A full working arcade set of roms and chds can fit on a 40..(50?) gig hard drive :P
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