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General / Re: Daily Windows Build available.
« on: June 07, 2020, 05:21:27 AM »
Greetings dabone! Unfortunately the domain '' seems to be down (>June 2020) with this error message: "The page you are looking for cannot be found". It would be great if this could perhaps be hosted locally at

/Update (Edit): The server is up and running again as of >2020-07-26. Best regards!

General / Re: Audiomode Plugin Stops if i leaving a game.
« on: March 01, 2020, 01:26:43 PM »
Greetings GrizzlyTnT!

I had the same issue and here is the workaround for me:

Edit plugins/AudioMode.nut in notepad:

Near the bottom, in row 214 exclude/disable change_track( 1 ); (with //) as shown below:

Code: [Select]
if ( ttype == Transition.FromGame )
  //change_track( 1 );

Best regards, Cheers.

/Edit: Note that you'll have to re-do this when updating your AttractMode to newer versions/daily builds etc. since that also overwrites the AudioMode.nut file

( I got it in German and gues the english words)

First: Sound Volume is set to 100
Second: Ambient Volume is on 100 either
Third: Movie Volume is set to Zero.

All others art blank. What should i edit, to make this Music work if i come back after i play a game?

Scripting / Re: Problem plugin - Random
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:07:53 AM »
Pushed small update. Plugin should wait for intro to finish before activating plugin. Please test and report back if it doesn’t work. I didn’t actually test it.

As is, screensaver will never become active unless screensaver time is less than sequencers delay time (which would be pointless). One option is to not use a screensaver. Harsh, I know. Second option, differentiate between signals from the plugin and actual user plugins. I could then keep track of time the user was away and activate the screensaver manually a signal that you preset in the config to activate the screensaver. Plugin would have to disable when the screensaver is active, and enable when returning. Thoughts?

Thanks for the update, the sequencer plugin now waits correctly for the intro-video as long as the delay time set in the sequencer settings is not shorter than the intro-video length itself (for example if you set sequencer delay time to 5sec and the intro-video length is 10sec then it will still interrupt the intro-video at 5sec and jump into AM). This is really a non-issue since most of us use ~30sec as sequencer delay time (the normal video length of EmuMovies) and usually don't use long intro-videos (but I know some people love those super long intro videos in their arcade cabinets). Mine is just around 10 sec.

I just wish that AM would have a function that would ignore keyboard/joystick key inputs during the intro-video as an optional option. I use AHK script for that as a workaround until I learn how to do it via the intro.nut file correctly.

PS. This great plug-in has completely removed the need for a screensaver for me, and it works much better as a "Attract-Mode" attention grabber in an Arcade cabinet than the built in AM screensavers.

Keep up the good work and best regards.

/Edit, forgot to quote the post I was replying to

Scripting / Re: Problem plugin - Random
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:51:09 AM »
Thank you for the awesome feedback and bug reporting.

I can easily tackle the bugs when I get some free time.

I’m not sure if your requested feature is possible as a plugin. I’ll investigate. The issue will be calling a variable from a layout. I think they are “sandboxed”. If so, it would have to utilize a module to set a global variable and hopefully plugin would read it after layout. I’ve been trying to keep this a plugin. I could replicate how hyperspin does it 100%, but it would have to be integrated into each theme and not an easy global thing.

Greetings and thanks for investigating this. I didn't know that the variables from layouts were sandboxed in AM, I was assuming that plug-ins could perhaps read the "video_duration" and "video_time" properties directly from the active layout when needed. Hopefully this might be possible with your 'helpers' module without the need to manually modify all layouts until AM perhaps officially supports this functionality. Keep up the good work and best regards.

Scripting / Re: Problem plugin - Random
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:53:32 AM »
Greetings and many thanks to Mr. keilmillerjr for this very useful sequencer plug-in. This functionality should indeed be built in with AM.

I wonder if it is possible for this plug-in to detect when the snap-video is finished and start the sequencer when the video is finished instead of a manual timer? (similar to HyperSpin "wait for video" option before Attract wheel-scrolling starts).

Keep up the good work and best regards.

/Edit: Report of some minor issues:

* sequencer plug-in interrupts the built-in AM screensaver functionality. (it would be great to pause the sequencer while screensaver is active). It is a non-issue for me since I just disable the AM screensaver and use this sequencer plug-in instead as a live attract-mode screensaver.

* sequencer plug-in timer starts counting even while a intro video is playing during the start of AM. (this can only be an issue for those that are using longer intro videos.)

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