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Ok so good news and some bad news.

I done all the hard work, supervising my computer with my eyes closed. Ok give it some credit, while I was sleeping my computer ran a batch file and took the 1920 x 1080 (ORIGINAL CoinOps) cabinets and then made them to 3840 x 2160.

I thought that might have solved the issue of the cabinets, but sadly that did not work. Well it works, it looks great on the skin that I am playing around with at the moment, but did not work on this skin.

Oh and before anyone asks, the whole lot is just over 10 gigs in size, and I may potentially upload it in the future, but I cannot do anything this week as busy in real life.

I can see what you mean by butchering it now, 1300 x 1080 for cabinets.png. I have just tried one cabinet and reduced it down to 1300 x 1080 that just looks squashed, and does not even go to the width of your cabinet how that looks.

However, it still had the original back ground, hang on I will do another test.

Ok so I now have a full sized cabinet working, I had to create a transparent 1300 x 1080 canvas, I then removed the background from one cabinet and then I cut and pasted that into the 1300 x 1080 canvas, saved that and job done.

Here is a rough 24 second video

I will try something else a minute, so shall end here as just on my second cup of coffee and I am not even human yet.



General / Re: Can I make certain URL to open with attractmode?
« on: January 12, 2022, 12:32:49 PM »
The single overview with all rom files is called display and has nothing to do with resolution.

And you should learn to be more friendly here in the forum.
Mistakes happen. But so rude? We're a big emulation clan and fans of frontends :-)

It would be interesting to know how you start your batch within AM.

If you actually watched the youtube videos that I posted, my settings were displayed on the first video.

The emulator was default, and the set up was to launch PC batch files. If you watch this and skip and pause at 0:46 you see the settings used.



General / Re: Can I make certain URL to open with attractmode?
« on: January 12, 2022, 12:28:11 PM »
Firstly, Herman, Sherman or who ever typed this

@ Mark Norville
if you use "PC Emulator"/batch/CMD, you can't exit the running emulator.
AM kills, by pressing escape key, cmd.exe.
the program in background is still running.
So, external software is necessary.

His comment again made no sense to me, I thought that he was talking about exiting AM which is what the kill batch is.

1) The Attract Mode Kill Batch, is yes closing AM, shutting down, getting rid of, nuking the program
2) My original batch file, kept AM open, as he is just surfing the internet, if you want something else, then just use the wait command.

The OP wanted to launch a URL from AM, I gave him a less long winded solution to do so.

Job done.

General / Re: Can I make certain URL to open with attractmode?
« on: January 12, 2022, 12:04:36 PM »
Sorry, please construct a sentence in English and not gibberish, and I will be able to understand what your comment means?

What are you going on about am folder, emulators which you spelt incorrect btw

What has that got to do with a working batch file that the OP wanted? It will work on any resolution.

I think that the skin creator said on page one, that you need to download his artwork for this to work properly.

You do have a post here, saying that the cabinets were edited

I am using artwork that I have from Coinops and I am getting the same issues.



Yeah been using that and also searching the forum like mad, sadly a lot of old information, and sometimes not very good information.

E.G I wanted to know what over views were, and how to get the text displayed. I searched the forums and found multiple confusing posts, some of which were not even complete. You would have steps 1 & 2 but 3,4 & 5 were not included.

I did find one useful post, and bumped that up with new information from 2022, mainly because it gives new users like myself the chance to read proper information.

I did actually use the strip from the Wiki, it took a bit of trial and error but in the end it worked, I had a couple of dodgy results such as SNK/SEGA so no spaces, that would still show, and then SNK (bootleg) would still show, but my code will strip everything out now but it will leave SNK Playmore etc.

The coding is pretty simple ish to understand, e.g it is getting the year and then storing the year into a Y string, then you can do whatever you like with that code, such as printing on screen. I could never write code from the ground up though, and I thought that all themes would just be as easy as the one that I am messing around with, but some are very complex.

Sadly I have a busy week this week, so I need to force myself off the PC and get everything done but as long as I wake up early enough I can spend a few hours just waking up and messing around. I am the sort of person that if I want to do something, that becomes my main focus, so trying to get those to strip yesterday took me hours where I just sat at the PC and never done anything else until I had it working. I did congratulate myself with a beer though, as I was chuffed that I worked it out.

Hopefully soon, I can start doing some videos, to show newbies like me how to set things up, as not many tutorials on YT for this, and hopefully might get new people in the forum and using AM as I am quite impressed with it, and I started off on HS, then went to CO, and fed up that they keep coming out with new layouts, but none of the stuff that they come out with support full rom sets.

I think that I tried AM years ago as I remember the Nevato theme, but never liked the front end, but it is actually very good and gives the ability to do a lot with filters which a lot of other front ends cannot do, the only downside is no skinning engine for it, but, you have given me an idea actually.

You could potentially skin with Hyper Theme, transfer that across to AM and potentially edit that. I might have to look at that :)

Right time for another cuppa and then real life.



General / Re: Can I make certain URL to open with attractmode?
« on: January 11, 2022, 11:11:53 PM »
Ok as it is 7am and this is very SIMPLE, and does not need to be complicated

A new video, loading up this forum and killing Attract Mode.

File attached so you can edit to your hearts content.

No need for a batch file and a url file, just use the batch file.

I have done another one, which is full screen, full screen, the same way that you would get pressing F11

General / Re: Can I make certain URL to open with attractmode?
« on: January 11, 2022, 12:17:40 PM »
Well I love to prove you WRONG

A new demo

Very simple batch file

The code is in the video description.

I have now attached the file, it would not let me add the code earlier for some weird reason.

General / Re: Can I make certain URL to open with attractmode?
« on: January 11, 2022, 06:45:24 AM »
Give me two seconds, it should be a lot easier than all of that.

Far too easy

1) Create a PC Emulator
2) Make short cuts of the websites that you want to go to

3) The rest just pause on the video for what commands you need.

It took me, two seconds and no need to go loading programs and installing other stuff.



As it is your fault, I thought that I would add in here lol. I had a look through your layout.nut and blew my mind on how complex it is, and without ripping off the code bit by bit, I am trying to do what you have done in your layout

E.G I am trying to remove Snk / Playmore Sega (A lot of text that I do not want)

The code that I have is basic, which is what I like

Code: [Select]
local genre_info0 = fe.add_text("[Manufacturer]", flx*0.10, fly*0.96, flw, flh*0.015 );
genre_info0.font = font_bold;
genre_info0.charsize = 90;
genre_info0.align = Align.Left;
Is there a much simpler way of stripping out unwanted from the above code?

I have been trying to follow some of your code

However, I am going brain dead and I am still trying to learn as I am going along, but I have hit a brick wall.

P.S I love the skin, at first I thought that I wanted the arcade, but then I changed to Panscan and that is amazing. I am trying to recreate your dot matrix listings at the bottom, but I am doing it from very basic knowledge.

Code: [Select]
function strip_man( ioffset )
        local m = fe.game_info(Info.Manufacturer,ioffset);
        return split( m,"/,(" )[0];
    fe.add_text( "[!strip_man]", flx*0.15, fly*0.627, flw, flh*0.050 );

I finally worked it out, my code is above, I have tried it on MAME and it works.  The original code is below that I was trying to copy, but could not get it working. The skin that I am working on has very basic code, compared to other themes such as this, which leads me to believe that the more code you have the more optimised the theme will be. I am experiencing some slow down and crashes using basic code.

local name = split( name, "(" )[0]; // shorten the manufacturer name when one of the followig characters exist
//      name = split( name, "[" )[0];
//      name = split( name, "/" )[0];
//      name = split( name, "," )[0];
//      name = split( name, "?" )[0];



Themes / Re: RELEASED - ArcadeFlix 2.0 Main Menu Theme (3840 x 2160 4K)
« on: January 10, 2022, 05:49:29 AM »
Ok, here are the downloads for the 4K version

It is not true 4K but the layouts had to be altered as my monitor is my 43 inch 4K TV, and when I went down to 1920 x 1080 the layout was all over the shop.

The file sizes are the same and once again you have two options. I also had to call the files 4K so I did not confuse myself, which does not take a lot.

Zip Version :

7zip Version :

I will try and put all the links at the top for future reference, but I tried earlier and it would not let me do it for some reason.



Release version Alpha Build 1.0

Please note that I am not a skinner or a coder. I can hack and modify code and this is my first release. I have only been using AM for a week now, and I managed to get this working within a couple of days, so there might be bugs, features not working and it might be a total pile of rubbish for some people.

Instructions :  Download, Unzip, Install the fonts in the font directory, copy into your layouts folder, look for ArcadeFlix 2.0 Main Menu as a display. This should only be used really for main menu, I will edit the games theme very soon. I have made it as idiot proof as possible, I tested it out on myself first :)

In the display layout for this skin you have the following options

Systems & Collection Wheel : This is wheel only so system/collections logo's. The reason behind this, is because snaps would slow down my PC, other artwork just looks a mess. I might change this in the future.

Set Background Art : You have snap/flyer/fadeart. Included in the zip file is a folder called 02 - Optional Extras\Free Artwork. These are backgrounds that the original skinner included.

Wheel over fanart : Is disabled by default as you are using wheels in the first place, I left the option there, just in case I do add more views at a later date.

ArcadeFlix Logo : 01 = Turned off, you then have six extra logos included or you can add your own. You have the option of adding up to 50 logos.

System Selection : 01 = Turned off, you then have four selectors or you can add your own (100 x 100). You have the option of adding up to 50.

Avatar : 01 = Turned off, you then have twenty other avatars, thanks to the original creator. You have the option of adding up to 50.

Search Icon : 01 = Turned off, you only have one icon as that is all that you need, but you can add up to 50 if you so wish.

Middle Selection : 01 - Turned off, you then have four that you can choose from. You can add up to 50.

You have the choice of 7zip or Zip

Download links : Zip file 60.7 mb
                         7Zip file 58 mb

Hopefully someone finds this to their liking. If you have any comments, feedback, suggestions, good or bad, please let me know and I can try to help as much as I can.

Oh and P.S this is for 1920 x 1080 only at the moment, I will release another version for 4K in an hour or so. I just need to alter the layout due to the screen size.



Ok I have it running now, I swear I was trying it on different systems yesterday. I only have three set up so far. So it should have worked.

A nice, simple, clean theme, the graphics look to be of high quality. Sadly not a theme for me after all this, it is just too basic for my needs and wants lol

I have Arcade cabinets, well I will once I have built one and repaired the other, so you need a theme that packs a punch. I would struggle even to using this on my cinema PC.

A nice theme for a raspberry pi something which is not going to be heavy hitting on the processing power.

I am looking forward to trying your new theme though, the one with the arcade cabinet screen. HD Stadium I think that it is called.

However, your themes HATE me. I have just tried SMP and sadly that does not work for me, I tried on the same systems as before, but nothing.

I only have MAME, Atomiswave and Metal Slug Collection set up at the moment. I wanted to start doing set up guides for people, people like me that are new to the front end, as not a lot of videos on Youtube for AM. I am lucky enough to be able to get most things set up, and find out how they work, but some people might struggle, as this is not 100% an easy front end to use, but so far it seems fantastic on what it is capable of doing. 



A massive thanks for this, I was searching the forum on how to do this, but your three year information was the most helpful, and contained good information. I was trying everything to get the systems to have information on them, I was using Atomiswave, platform, system in the overview folder but nothing would work.

What is overview?

If you see some skin demos, it will show a picture of the Playstation 3 (example) and you will see text and information about the system, when it was made, what processor etc etc. You might see game information as well such as Frogger, if they are on a games menu.

Where can I find where to put these files?

I have my set up in C:\Attract Mode\scraper\MAME\overview\mslug.txt (example)

Does this work on display collections such as Metal Slug Collection?

Yes as the original poster has mentioned to go to C:\Attract Mode\scraper\@\overview\Metal Slug Collection.txt (example)

Is it case sensitive?

I have spent two seconds on this as an example I tried Dolphin Blue on the Samy Atomiswave. My file is (example) you just need the first part e.g dolphin or Dolphin will work.

Can I use the title name, such as Dolphin Blue?

No it has to be 100% the file name as above dolphin, Dolphin but not Dolphin Blue

Do I have to keep adding the same information for each collection?

No you do not. If you done an overview on Dolphin Blue aka dolphin, Dolphin for the Samy Atomiswave, if you do a games collection called Dolphin Collection, then it will show the information that is already completed. If Dolphin Blue is in that collection. (example)

Can I not just put the system information Samy Atomiswave into the scraper folder for it?

At the time of writing this, I tried Samy Atomiswave.txt, Atomiswave.txt, platform.txt and system.txt, that did not display any text for me. I am new to AM and just learning as I go, but I am spamming a lot, just in case there are more newbies like me that start using AM in 2022 or even further, and need non technical, put it into plain English and speak to me like an idiot and not like a techie. AM for Dummies, now in Amazon £1,000,000 per copy, but just quote forum in the discount code, and I will give you a £1 discount.

Hopefully that is all the information you will need, as I cannot think of anything else to write.




General / Re: New FAQ Section (for beginners)
« on: January 09, 2022, 10:19:44 AM »
You are very very very lucky that the admin/mods or the forum is not busy.

My beginners guide for you

1) You should never post links for PIRATED MATERIAL

Mmmmm gee now let me think about that one, I would have edited your post, sent you a warning.

2) You are posting links to the websites own website.

I actually searched for over view, as I wanted to find out how to do it.

However, seeing your illegal links can get this website in a hell of a lot of trouble.


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