Author Topic: class userconfig , not showing options in menu  (Read 2077 times)


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class userconfig , not showing options in menu
« on: November 11, 2017, 07:03:44 AM »

Im trying to use UserConfig Class.
But in the displys Menu there are no Options. they are not shown.

class UserConfig
   </ label="Grid Artwork", help=" in the grid", options="snap,flyer", order=1 />

   </ label="StartTime", help="t takes to start DEMOMode", order=2 />

   </ label="LoopTime", help="dom games in Demomode", order=3 />

local my_config = fe.get_config();
local STIME = my_config["stime"].tointeger();
local LTIME = my_config["ltime"].tointeger();


Do i miss something?


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Solution: class userconfig , not showing options in menu
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2021, 12:49:28 AM »
I'm just getting started with layouts and ran into the same issue. Posting solution for anyone else that may run into this.

I have found two cases that cause UserConfig to break:

1) On a windows machine the problem was my "layout.nut" was named "Layout.nut" with a leading capital. The layout works BUT the configuration didn't show up. Renamed to lowercase and configs starting showing up again. Seems whatever populates configs is case sensitive.

2) Other than defining variables, try to place all code AFTER the UserConfig definition. Some code prior to the UserConfig definition will break it. Specifically saw this creating a table entry such as: MyTable.NewValue <- 1000;

Hope this saves someone from pulling their hair out.