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The Great Themes Collection includes 100 beautiful original themes for Arcade, Console, Computer and Handheld systems.
It is best suited for wide screen displays.

Download and learn more here:

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Old Memories

Inspired by the Ioamiga and Amiga memories themes, I'm developing a new layout with multiple emulator detection, currently it has screens for Amiga, Daphne, Arcade, MSX, Megadrive, SNES, PSX and ScummVM emulators, and supports 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 screens (even 2k and 4k 16:9 and 16:10 screens)

A short video of the layout can be watched here:

Download and more info here:


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Name : AM XboX360 theme

need improvement ...  8)


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Nostalgic bedroom is simply a keepsake box! I worked a lot on the atmosphere with film extracts in the background or in the background which are mostly all

animated by hand under after effect, dust particle light effect animation, I worked a lot on the details. Which really makes it something quite unique so far it seems to me.

I also added a film part with a 30 "slots" with an animated theme to be able to launch in the best conditions all these cult films which have rocked a youthful note!

the theme is more than scalable since it also allows you to unlock all the custom collection part:

dedicated collection with animated background on which I work every month (reserved for my contributors) with a lot of passion!


**the theme is localized French with a lot of French reference so (advertising etc ....) then I am doing it possible to translate it into English
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Re: Theme Gallery, place a thumb image of your theme here. Max size < 300x300
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Very happy with my Nintendo Switch new theme, will post it in the corresponding thread :D

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