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General / Re: Autohotkey to trigger exit key in AM?
« on: December 22, 2015, 08:48:34 AM »
Spent some more time looking at this and thinking about it.

Separately, everything works:

So thinking about this, it make sense in a weird way.

AHK sends the keypress to the system when you hit the button combo, you can see it in a text editor because it's being all it cares about is the input.

Setting it to Alt-f4 closes the emulator for the same reason, the system receives the input and acts.

The reason mapping it to esc doesn't work is because the emulator is not looking for the system receive an esc input, but rather for the key to be pressed.

Can you post your script?

General / Re: Autohotkey to trigger exit key in AM?
« on: December 21, 2015, 08:35:37 PM »
I'm not super great with AHK, but IIRC there is a distinction between sending a simulated key press and sending a key input.


General / New convert from HyperSpin - Off to a good start!
« on: December 20, 2015, 10:46:16 PM »

I've recently gotten fed up with all the nonsense of Hyperspin/rocketlauncher on windows after 2 years of use. I started looking around at different FE's and found a few that look very promising. I've decided to start with AM because it looks very strait forward, lightweight, and well maintained.

My goal is to be successful on linux running kubuntu 14.04 x64. My box is an i5 4690k, 16 GB RAM, and a EVGA GTX 750ti.

I will be using SIXAXIS (non dual-shock) via USB/BT and will be focusing initially on the 8bit generation through PS2/Wii and branching out after that.

I'm a moderate linux user both at work and at home with ubuntu/debian as my flavors of choice as applicable. I'm familiar with development in Python and PHP and make my living as a Network Engineer.

The big attractor here is all the work i do on this main box can be so easily translated to an rPi for some other rooms/TVs in my house.

I've seen and successfully installed the 1.6.0 deb packaged by akafox (Thanks!) after fixing dependencies.

I plan on using retroarch/libretro where able.

Expect questions from me and know that I probably already spent some time searching and trying to figure it out myself :)

Thanks to all the contributors so far, can't wait to have a working box!

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