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Scripting / Re: Problem plugin - Random
« on: March 05, 2023, 05:58:14 PM »
Tried this plugin with a couple different emulator lists and themes and I always get the same result.

  • Switches to a new game after the configured number of seconds (I have chosen 40 so most of the content of the Hyperspin videos I'm using will fully play)
  • The rom's name displays in yellow text near the bottom-left of the screen (configured by default somewhere I think) which does not match the art being displayed. I have marquee, themes and wheel configured to display. The marquee and 'themes' art match each other, but do not match the romname being displayed. The wheel art does match the rom name
  • After a game has auto-switched, the marquee and 'themes' art initially match each other, but they display the art of the game next to it in the list. After 15 seconds, the marquee updates to match the displayed romname while the 'themes' art (hyperspin video in my case) does not
  • If I press Enter after the rotation has started, all the art updates to the displayed romname but the game does not run. I have to press Enter again to start the game

The plugin is useful as a screensaver, but not much more in this state. Anyone else have this experience?

Using Attract-Mode 2.6.2

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