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ArcadeSD theme

1.must have latest AM 2.2.1 build

2.must have latest carrier.nut in your "modules" folder. 
included in theme

3.for the theme to run super smooth..take and resize all your
 snaps and wheel art with "FSResizer" so their will be no moore
 AM errors to load..png's
 all your other themes will also run better to!
included in theme
4.theme is set to use snaps, & wheel art
 to change music just change the "music.mp3" in the theme

i love this theme ,,it works great on pc,,
butt for some reason cant get the star.nut to
work on the pie3 witch is why i was making this
so that sucks..  if any one can help make it
happen this would be great.http://

no vert-yet.sorry:(.

mirrorcreator =
dropbox =

youtube preview =

if you can make this better by all mean do it and help out

Thanks for your hard work  8)

Looks good man...

not to for-get,, but thanks to ..

liqid8d's=animation module
Oomek's=carrier module
and who ever made the star.nut ? would like to know
so i can make this work on the pie,,,,,,

Hey JediOne,

The theme looks AMAZING on my PC; however, I am having some trouble setting it up on my RPI.

so, 1) videos aren't playing
     2) The videos are off center. In other words, the selector box is hovering in-between two videos.
     3) the flashing selector box is not covering the snap
 I attached an image showing my issue.

Keep up the great work!!!



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