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Arcadeflow theme v 17.3 [Release] Updated 15 July 2024

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Arcadeflow is an horizontal scrolling, grid based theme for MAME, console and comptuer games, it supports multiple systems and is based on snapshots and game titles or on cartridge boxes / flyers.

This layout requires Attract-Mode Plus to work correctly.

Arcadeflow theme latest update

You can download the latest version from within Arcadeflow, and you can also install it automatically if you have set so in Arcadeflow options!

* Download latest version
* Arcadeflow website and version history
* Arcadeflow Discord server
* Arcadeflow GitHub repository
Enjoy the new features and, as usual, if something goes wrong, please let me know ;)

There's a What's new file inside the archive, but I won't paste here the whole readme anymore so this post is going to be simpler.

AM notes:
From revision 16.2 Arcadeflow requires AM+ 3.0.6
From revision 12.0 Arcadeflow requires AM+
From revision 10.9 Arcadeflow requires AM daily build or AM+
From revision 10.0 Arcadeflow requires AM 2.6.1.
From revision 3.6 Arcadeflow requires AM 2.5.
From revision 5.9 Arcadeflow is compatible with AM 2.6.1

v7.8 on youtube, at last!

You can see all layout options in

Nice! GJ :)


--- Quote from: calle81 on January 15, 2018, 12:23:55 PM ---Nice! GJ :)

--- End quote ---

Thank you, sorry for the giant screenshot, is there a better way to post screenshots? Because I have another theme with more screenshots and I don't want to do a mess :)

I use :)

Because my theme was starting to look a bit too much like Ambiance HD (and I swear I didn't see Ambiance HD before starting to work on mine :D) I've redone the graphics so that screenshots are in the correct aspect ratio :) I like the new soft shadows


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