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Nostalgic Build, theme per system AM+

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Nostalgic themed build, with individual themes for each console / handheld / computer.

[New] 6 Month Build preview here:

Dreamcast theme added:

Interactable features:

-Console opens and closes
-Disc drop into console
-Console powers up
-VMU powers up
-Standard static screen transitions effects.

Big thanks to Chadnaut from the Attract Mode discord server for code to get the VMU logo looking nice!

Sega Saturn theme:

Interactable features:

-Console opens and closes
-Disc animation into console
-Standard static screen transitions effects.

A hidden sega vs nintendo play on this one if you can find it.

A few more theme additions:

Atari 7800:

-No 3d cart artwork, so I built my own using 2d assets in Attract Mode and animated with Inertia

Sony Playstation 5:

-Rolling disc animation and some cool menu effects using zorder

Sony Playstation 4:

-No fancy effects in this one, just a nice built up theme in photoshop.

Looks great


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