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Reply to this post with a thumb image of your theme, the title, and whatever relevant information you want to submit with it. Let's keep the size below or equal to 300x300. Doing some quick math, If we do a max thumb size of 96kb then this thread should support at a minimum 53 themes. That should be adequate for now at least. I'll start with the robospim theme @ 300x300.

REMEMBER: This is not a discussion thread.
It's only for posting links to specific forum threads with FINISHED (working and downloadable) themes.

300x300px is max dimension
It can be 300x225 (4:3)

You can externally link bigger (or more) images

IMHO there is no need for images bigger than 600px width
It supposed to be a thumbnail and link to theme thread in forum. A kind of a finished theme index.

Don't post your whole theme here (as attachment) - just make a separate forum thread and post it there

Again - it's not a discussion thread (...and not for announcement, mockups, unfinished themes).
All post that does not contain link to separate forum thread with working and downloadable theme will be DELETED.

Download latest ->

Download old ->

Preview video of next release

Robospin updated 9/8/16.

Features, options and additions:

Auto scales 4:3 and most 16:9 aspect ratios. Tested 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1920x1080 res.   

Options that can be turned on by users via layout options:

Wheel art, vertical art or a Listbox for rom-list.

Many background options to choose from including flyers. 

Two types of cabinets, a modified robotron and moon patrol. Thanks to verion for making them look spiffy.   

Marquee artwork. On by default, if turned off a generic user marquee is used. This is for users who might want to add custom art.

Shader effects like CRT or bloom. If CRT shader is turned on, static effect might be affected. Enabling shader effects can also hinder the raspberry Pi's performance.

Several overlays for masking backgrounds. Options include generic mask, scan-lines, and aperture effect.

Animated pointer types. Options include a rocket, metal hand, or none.

Lighted marquee effect. Not that great.   

Flyers, took out pan-and-scan to boost performance on the pi.

Text frame to contrast text, on by default. 

Random (RGB) text colors. The color of the text will change on each selection.

Genre icons.

NEVATO theme

heavily based on omegaman's robospin code.

created mainly for desktop/laptop use
16:9 and 16:10 aspect (auto-adjusting to screen aspect)
4:3 aspect is also suported
HD resolution (1920x1200) - scales up and down


for marquee
- display marquee
- display current emulator logo (mame, snes, etc.) on cool background
- display "generic" marquee

for cab screen
- static screenshot
- gameplay video

for background
- fanart
- flyer
- static screenshot
- gameplay video




Xtras layout

Layout based on Gilou9999's skins for Madmab edition emulators on Xbox classic

original forum thread with download:

EDIT: now supports system-dependent banner pictures in top right corner when using AM 1.6.2 or higher (see original thread)

CoinOps layout

based on CoinOps emulator from XBox classic

original thread with download link:

FinalBurn layout

based on Finalburn Legends for XBox classic

original thread with download link:


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