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General / Fix For glGetError 0X500
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:47:25 PM »
Has a fix ever been found for the glGetError 0X500 on the Raspberry Pi 3?  I've done a full new fresh install from the Experimental Menu in the Retropie Setup Script but I still have the error.  I can see that it appears from commits were made to fix this issue within the GLideN64 chain of code but I'm still getting the error pop up every time I launch something.

I understand this code affects the system in no away but I'm trying to make my setup as clean as possible and because it's kicking out this error every time I launch a game I can see the terminal pop up for a couple of seconds.

Thanks in advance.  I've looked all over and studied the code that was supposed to fix this issue but I can't see to locate it on my set up to clean it up and updating what I can doesn't seem to provide a fix either.

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