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Hyperspin (loader) has anyone been able to find solution for issues/missing support?
Wrong positioning and stretching of flash files

Support for curved videos?
Missing animation types supp..etc?

General / Sharing MAME 0.190 AM database
« on: January 09, 2018, 05:29:52 PM »
Sharing official MAME 0.190 AM database
Contains 13671 games.
Just make sure u edit ;MAME; to match your mame <emulatorname>.cfg for mame also rename my .txt file to match the same.!k0QyABTS!Te-xyBbSkqPv6ZdybvKSSoVEDwEDTkmRG57-OAOCEi4

Have Fun!

Hello there!

Here it is,
PC Games:
write file Angry Birds.bat
and put it in root of ur PC GAMES folder
Apparently Attract Mode is heaving issue with BAT command start MINIMIZED. If its used in script AM will keep on running in background.. i am not sure how to resolve issue, for now minimized cant be used
Code: [Select]
@echo off
set "GAMENAME=AngryBirds.exe"
set "GAMEPATH=Angry Birds\Angry Birds\"
set HOME="%~dp0"

write file New Super Mario Bros U.bat
and put it in root of ur WiiU folder
Code: [Select]
@echo off
set "GAMENAME=red-pro2.rpx"
set "GAMEPATH=Roms\New Super Mario Bros U\code\"
set "CEMUPATH=..\..\Emulators\Cemu\"
set "ROM=%~dp0%GAMEPATH%"
set HOME="%~dp0"
start "" /WAIT "%EMUROOT%Cemu.exe" -g "%ROM%%GAMENAME%" -f

Code: [Select]
@echo off
set "GAMENAME=U-King.rpx"
set "GAMEPATH=Roms\The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [ALZP0101]\code\"
set "CEMUPATH=..\..\Emulators\Cemu\Budford\"
set "ROM=%~dp0%GAMEPATH%"
set HOME="%~dp0"
start "" /WAIT "%EMUROOT%Budford.exe" "%ROM%%GAMENAME%"

It is compatible across front-ends. ES/HS/AM.It is portable proof as well.

Now some explanation:
Point of origin is where .bat file is located. So always look from that point of view.(Also always point front-ends to those .bat files.)
Now example in pc games. C:/some folder/some folder/pc games(bat files here)/Angry Birds/Angry Birds/AngryBirds.exe
So from .bat point of view u start where they are. So GAMEPATH=Angry Birds\Angry Birds\
Simple isnt it?
So even if u move games to any other folder and or hard disk (drive/letter) and move bat files from their root with them , games will always work if you point frontend to those bat files.

Now in case of CEMU it gets slightly more complicated, simply because i keep my emulator for CEMU in totally different folder not linked to folder where my games are.Simply because i love structuring them the way i am :)

SO, from bat point of view:

set "CEMUPATH=..\..\Emulators\Cemu\"
(..\..\)  meaning:    (return folder up \return folder up\ )
then go folders forward (Emulators\Cemu\)

somefolderX/roms/wiiugames(bat files here)

Now going forward:

Simple isnt it?
Just edit
per instructions.
And Enjoy!

If u attempt differently great deal of problems may occur. Even some games will not work because they will look for their config or related files in wrong folders.

Happy NEW Year!

.....i need bigger signature space..

...some may need this too

Code: [Select]
        <name>PC Games</name>
        <fullname>PC Games</fullname>
        <path>PC GAMES PATH</path>

Code: [Select]
executable           cmd
args                 /c "[romfilename]"
rompath              PC GAMES PATH
romext               .lnk;.bat;.cmd

Code: [Select]
[exe info]
Edit PC GAMES PATH to match where u stored bat files , usually root where games for system are :)
Use the exact same config for both PC games AND Cemu, because they use bat files they should behave like they are activating PC games
You can use relative paths for emulationstation game rom path as well.
Example : (es_systems.cfg)
Code: [Select]
<path>..\..\Roms\PC Games</path>

Themes / Hyperspin (loader) with listbox
« on: December 11, 2017, 06:43:09 PM »
Hyperspin (loader) with listbox

i love HS themes and i love AM with HS themes even more..that being said i did some changes to loader making it more to my liking..

guide on how to use hyperspin themes in AM here:

ASSIGN KEY TO CUSTOM3 (i use space, or gamepad) it will open/hide side menu with game infos etc!399AybAR!h2DZkYHeEA0zIC2ec048NLenSzzAiUgjXrFSAg4voOU
fixed double listbox appearing. Just assign "customkey" to show/hide listbox with artwork
included theme tag fix from @joyrider3774

This is just loader , themes can be obtained from Hyperspin web page. Inluding my old room style HS theme
This include: genre artwork, top and bottom bar plus gamepad buttons art

Loader will still use HS wheel for game list, i just added entire pop box on right side which will call overview ,artwork etc.
Basically , just make Hyperspin folder in layouts folder, copy your HS themes in there in same format they would be in HS:
Hyperspin\Nintendo 64\Themes\
Hyperspin\Nintendo Entertainment System\Themes\
no need to copy anything else it will be called by AM from their original location where u told them they are in am config.
Then just use Hyperspin as ur basic theme for emulator and enjoy

Hey there.
Previously i released
[Tool] Convert emulationstation/launchbox xml database "DESC" to Overview Attract
to convert description to overview in AM use

Today i release tool for converting  xml info to AM romlist.
Reason for this is because scraper
really scrapes a lot of info when combined with fast scraper

Anyway output example:
Code: [Select]
ddonpach;DoDonPachi (International, Master Ver. 97/02/05);Cave;;1997;Cave (Atlus license);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Before u use my tool make sure ur xml is in proper format and not broken!
Broken format example:
Code: [Select]
Or even Worse
Code: [Select]


Proper format:
Code: [Select]

scraper mentioned above will NEVER make such errors but Universal_XML_Scraper64 Absolutely WILL.
Do not use that to make ur xml's use above mentioned instead ,it can rip from more then just one place compared to XML64!

Anyway here is the script:!08Qx0YgQ!vRAEGTjVCSR0dCPavN7Z9n4siKq-xidNWKKDqEvPpqQ

python 2.7

Copy gamelist.xml to folder where script is, run the script,preferably in dos box to see if any error pops up.

After converting is done , open newly created my_text_file.txt with ur editor of choice, notepad++ will do just fine

and search replace all:
Code: [Select]
with your emulator name , example:
Code: [Select]
MAME (Libretro)
(make sure u dont have regex enabled,just normal search and replace)

Last thing, depending on ur ROM PATH, u might get something like this:
Code: [Select]
./ddonpach;DoDonPachi (International, Master Ver.
u will need to get rid of that at start ./ and replace with nothing. empty nothing.NOT SPACE, just nothing.
or if ur path is different , get rid of it all before game rom name
again and search replace all:
Code: [Select]
with nothing , example:
Code: [Select]

So end result will be:
Code: [Select]
ddonpach;DoDonPachi (International, Master Ver.

At the end rename my_text_file.txt to match ur emulator name, example: MAME (Libretro).txt
Copy that txt to your AM romlist and enjoy!

Have fun!

General / Overview share
« on: December 02, 2017, 03:35:33 AM »
This overview i scraped from various frontends to get as much as possible.
Consists of lot of games and systems. All game names are based of nointro/hyperspin xml's

in case some do not match urs i recommend fatmatch to bring them to order

Have fun!!A1xWXTpC!rj_LDncG2v9G-RD9u_pOVo3UAWB7PO85qa4Hp7Psp-w

overview rom folders are going to romlist folder and require theme with overview support.

[Tool] Convert emulationstation/launchbox xml database "DESC" to Overview Attrac
hyperspin doesnt have description.. :)
As title says.

Here it is!B9YxiSDD!XRrJduRZnkgZxPm8lHFvvFgxa_FOmAbicPeTsM1Ivdg

make folder , put .py in it.
copy database.xml to folder where .py is
if using another xml ,rename it to gamelist.xml
Make sub folder named "out" no quotes.

run the tool

result will be [romname].zip.cfg files for attract mode.
bulk rename .zip.cfg to .cfg only
copy files to attract romlist [emulatorname] folder ,Enjoy
(it can be used to scrape from launcBox) just replace 2 name param's where to look for data.Be aware that LB has mostly broken format of xml's as its not updating them propeprly. If that happens fix the xml

Some files may end up with 0 info in them. If that happens check which files are in question and look in xml what might be the cause of problem. Usually poor formating is the reason
Also in case of launchbox, u will first have to manually find and replace lines in it
Code: [Select]
find and replace ..\..\roms\Cave\ so it becames
Code: [Select]
launchbox is not recommended for use.But its easier to match data with it. its xml output is a disaster tho. It tends to create double named info inside xml on separate places for same game. Nothing i can do about that.In that case it script will overwrite good info with empty info when it runs into it.Those doubles are always stored at bottom of exml, so best to manually find first damaged info and remove with rest of it from xml
I already started sharing some of overview info files in my theme topic, i wonder why not everyone will? We can get some nice database like that. Providing that all rom names are up to the code.

if u have interesting tools to share ,now might be the time? :)

Themes / [WIP]AnimA Theme with overview
« on: November 20, 2017, 11:30:49 AM »
[WIP]AnimA Theme with overview

-Uses fanart as background for themes
folder setup for fanart:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
psx\fanart\Alundra (USA)\somepic.jpg or png
put any amount of pictures inside each rom name folder. Attract mode is best used to scrape those.
If you have more then one it will randomly select and display one as background each time

requires fanart to be added to emulators
Code: [Select]
artwork    fanart /roms/psp/fanart
Should work for any system its not meant for main menu.
-Uses Listbox as gamelist diplay (default) (wheel is supported but not finished) overview hides it self if enabled. use custom1 to enable popbox
-overview requires pointer to be "none" for list wheel (default)
-Uses overview for game descriptions, you might need to use attract scraper to get the info
-box and cart art
-snap video will zoom in to screen after few seconds.
-added wheel game name as logos
-added keyboard search plugin
-eliminated theme lag when browsing!
-Major layour changes, fixes,optmization
Minor visual changes and added Keyboard Search plugin

preview of function:

All you have to do is to assign key to CUSTOM1 to activate search. If using keyboard i am using my self CTRL+F
Thats it. Plugin doesnt need activation its loaded with my layout.

Video new Video added

Theme here:Update 10.Dec!R9oFEagR!Iwfe8UqMyajvJBK5hPLS3_mdAKvlvBIkczxqjbIDrA4

Copy layouts folder
Copy modules folder

Overview romlist scraped for some systems
extract to romlist folder!A1xWXTpC!rj_LDncG2v9G-RD9u_pOVo3UAWB7PO85qa4Hp7Psp-w

polish some positioning

probably some other stuff..
..ideas and improvement welcomed  :D

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