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Does the layout have the option to show the display name, or show artwork based on the display name?

I have managed to get the display name into the info bar by replacing the info and enumerate code with:

Code: [Select]
function dname()
    local current_display = fe.displays[fe.list.display_index];

// Current game out of total number of games
filter = fe.add_text( "[!dname]", x_filter, fly*0.917, flw*0.4, flh*0.1 );
filter.align = Align.Right;
filter.charsize = font_size-4;
filter.set_rgb(255, 120, 0);

Just wanted to check there isn't a way to do this already before I go hacking away any further :)

General / Scraping only for missing art?
« on: August 28, 2021, 06:51:17 AM »
Forgive my ignorance here but I am new. If I have art for the majority of my collection, with only a few things missing. Will scraping art from scrape art for all roms in the romlist or only for those that can't find existing local art?

If it does scrape for all roms in the romlist, will any local art in the directory that AM is pointed to supersede the scraped art?

This looks suspicious - it should be:
   layout               At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab

 ::) Thank you. My screen tired brain had copied the whole extracted folder into the layouts rather than the just the At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab layout folder.

The theme looks and sounds amazing. Big thanks to yourself and all the contributors!

Can't wait to explore it more.

I'm trying to add the layout following the instructions and it looks as though everything is done correctly however the layout does not work. All artwork loads fine when using default layouts, but for At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab I just get some wrong res snap images in the background and the standard menu list stretched across the screen. No options appear in the layout options menu, just the layout name. Any ideas? I'm pretty new to this so most likely something stupid.

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.6.1
display   MAME
   layout               At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab Master
   romlist              MAME
   in_cycle             yes
   in_menu              yes
   filter               All
   filter               Favourites
      rule                 Favourite equals 1

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.6.1
executable           C:\RetroArch\retroarch.exe
args                 [romfilename] -L "C:\RetroArch\cores\mame2003_libretro.dll"
rompath              C:\ROMS\MAME
romext               .zip;.7z;.chd
system               Arcade
info_source          listxml
artwork    wheel           C:/attract/menu-art/mame/wheel
artwork    snap            C:/attract/menu-art/mame/snap
artwork    boxart          C:/attract/menu-art/mame/boxart
artwork    cartart         C:/attract/menu-art/mame/cartart
artwork    marquee         C:/attract/menu-art/mame/marquee
artwork    bezels          C:/attract/menu-art/mame/bezels
artwork    flyer           C:/attract/menu-art/mame/flyer
artwork    fanart          C:/attract/menu-art/mame/fanart
artwork    cabinets        C:/attract/menu-art/mame/cabinets

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