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New Modified hyperspin.nut
« on: November 08, 2020, 12:53:42 PM »
I am releasing my modified version of the hyperspin.nut loader.
Although  PCCA matrix made the definitive “Hyperspin” layout, his layout only work in PCs, leaving the RPi users behind (at least for now)
So i decided to continue to work in my mod for the hyperspin.nut.


What i did:
1) Add “flyer” artwork (with the modification of the background image is possible to make “coinops”style themes). The flyer occupy 50%, right of the screen, under the background. So you can only edit  the background to make a part of it transparent
You can edit the an existing theme or just make  a new one using Hypertheme ( a part of the Hyperspin pack).

2) Add Bezel (the bezel was added “per game” or “system”).To use the per game bezel you will need to create an artwork named “bezel” in the configuration for each system and place the games bezels in that folder.

You can get the games bezels in this link:

I have resized the bezels to 1365x768, lower resolutions are better for the RPi

3)  Added Special art for games and main menu

4) Added scrolling text, with game information;

5)  Added more Hyperspin animations (merging similar animations with the existing animations and adapting some).

Obviously is a heavy layout but i hope you enjoy.

 - Installation of the hyperspin.nut (make a backup of the original one first):

 1) You can copy using WinSCP or other similar software to the following folder:

In windows version just copy to the loader folder.

2) You can also copy,using putty, just do the following:
sudo mv /usr/local/share/attract/loader/hyperspin.nut usr/local/share/attract/loader/hyperspin.nut.bkp

sudo nano /usr/local/share/attract/loader/hyperspin.nut
When it opens copy all the contents of the hyperspin.nut (you can open with the notepad) to this putty window pressing the right button in the mouse over the putty screen

The following link is to the folder of the necessary files:
 a)hyperspin layouts and files needed for hyperspin.nut with the mod to make coinops style
 b)romlists (the snes has the esrb and number of players) - careful to not replace your romlists if you dont want to.
 c) scraper - with game info – emulators configuration (for RPi  only) dont work with Windows
-hyperspin.nut – the modified file
- snes (flyer and game bezel top place inside roms\snes folder)
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