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Themes / JunkBox Theme alpha demo
« on: April 15, 2021, 02:26:07 AM »
This is alpha version demo.


Up/ Downl - Select Music

Left/Right - Jump to Letter

There is 3 play modes and you can change the mode any time with single button:
1. Repeat Mode - as AM default playing video mode, looping to play single Music Video
2. Shuffle Mode - Random to play Music Video
3. Repeat Track Mode - Sequence to  play Music Video

Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.0 (Finial Build)
« on: April 14, 2021, 07:50:08 PM »
Theme is updated

- updated demo mode function, changed "time to wait" to "minimum time", the default time is 10.

Scripting / Re: About of jukebox pointer coding request
« on: April 13, 2021, 07:52:58 AM »
I having some some idea to fix it. But don't know the actual code.

I need to create a new array to store the video artwork and then make this oBject to random loop playing.

Then, it should be ignore the input singal. Please teach me if anyone how to write a code. thanks.

Scripting / Re: Shuffle v2.2.0 - Loop feature now added
« on: April 13, 2021, 12:33:18 AM »
Hello keilmillerjr

May I know is it possible to do it with my idea, Thanks.

Scripting / Re: About of jukebox pointer coding request
« on: April 13, 2021, 12:31:48 AM »
I try to make a sample with Shuffle module by keilmillerjr.

I want to wheel image (B) change following by pointer change only, snap video (A) remain playing orginial before press select button to confirm. Please help me if you know how to modify the code. Thanks.

Code: [Select]
class UserConfig {



local flw = fe.layout.width;
local flh = fe.layout.height;

fe.layout.width = 1920;
fe.layout.height = 1080;

local snap = fe.add_artwork( "snap", -240, 0, 1920, 1080 );
snap.preserve_aspect_ratio = true;

local wheel = fe.add_artwork( "wheel", 1500, 600, 400, 400 );
wheel.preserve_aspect_ratio = true;

local config = {};
config.list <- {
x = flw*1.1,
w = flw*0.305,
h = flh*0.120,

local list = [];
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.080, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.145, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.210, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.275, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.340, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.405, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.470, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.535, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.600, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.665, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.730, config.list.w, config.list.h));
list.push(fe.add_text("[ListEntry]. [Title]", config.list.x, flh*0.795, config.list.w, config.list.h));

class ShuffleList extends Shuffle {
function _refreshSelected(slot) {
slot.font="BebasNeue Regular.ttf";
slot.align = Align.Left;
slot.charsize = 36;
slot.set_rgb ( 254, 232, 53 );

function _refreshDeselected(slot) {
slot.font="BebasNeue Regular.ttf";
slot.align = Align.Left;
slot.charsize = 36;
slot.set_rgb (119, 183, 34);
local list = ShuffleList({slots=list, reset=false});

function on_signal( sig )
switch ( sig )
case "up":
fe.signal( "prev_game" );
return true;

case "down":
fe.signal( "next_game" );
return true;

case "select":



return false;

fe.add_signal_handler( this, "on_signal" );

Scripting / About of jukebox pointer coding request
« on: April 12, 2021, 05:14:13 AM »

I have some idea of theme, in normal, when pressing up / down, the pointer will be moved to presoius / next music. Then snap video will change accroding pointer.

My idea is,

1. the video is playing randomly
2. When I pressing up / down to select music, the video don't follow the changing in this moment
3. When I confirm the selection, press select button to confirm, the video will change now

Please teach me if you know the coding. Thanks.

Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.0 (Finial Build)
« on: March 31, 2021, 06:11:57 PM »
- remove system status bar
- add display two flyer artworks function, now you may press left right to change image

artwork    flyer            C:\am\mame\flyer
artwork    flyer1           C:\am\mame\flyer1

Dear DamnedRegistrations , take it easy man.

In my mind, all is fair use, the important thing is - don't get money from the project or put it to business use. All contributors is also nice guy.  ;)

not necessary. in AM already exists filter.
add language and region entries in your romlist.
use filter for change romlist by region or language


create two displays.
One called MAME EN, with EN Roms
One called MAME JP, with JP Roms

Hello, I finally got how to do sorting, it really using filter. Thank you so much.  :)

Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.0 (Finial Build)
« on: March 27, 2021, 06:56:11 PM »
Finally, I got how to sort by AltTitle for Japanese Lanuage, please follow as below step.

1. Download the latest theme pack

2. Edit attract.cfg file, only create "All", "Japanese" filter like as below for each display system. This is very important

Code: [Select]
layout               AMHS2
romlist              AMV
in_cycle             yes
in_menu              yes
filter               All
filter               Japanese
sort_by              AltTitle

3. Or The pack having a "default-display.cfg" file, all & japanese filter will be defalt format on next new display

4. At last, on the theme, when you select Japanese lanuage in option, it will auto jump to japanese filter page.


Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.0 (Finial Build)
« on: March 27, 2021, 03:42:20 AM »
Update again

- update japanese font
- update coding, on japanese mode, if alternate title doesn't exist, will be using orginial title (english)

Just using trickly way to do it. But it is not a perfect way since alternate name ordering is depend on orginial name. May be someone can tell me how to fix this issue. Thanks :P

Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.0 (Finial Build)
« on: March 26, 2021, 09:33:46 PM »
This update is not necessary for everyone. You may download it for try.
- Display alternate language name of title. You need to add alternate name to [AltTitle] column in rom file

Change language options in theme & screensaver layout

not necessary. in AM already exists filter.

Thank you for your reply. May Be I explain it more details. It is not meaning of different regional rom. It means  displaying diiferent language of same rom for English & Japanese Name.

Scripting / Is it possible loading different language of romlist file?
« on: March 26, 2021, 01:57:11 AM »
It means, we can select the language of game name in theme options.

For example, we prepare 2 language files called mame_en.txt & mame_jp.txt in romlists folder. When I select English in oprion that will be loading mame_en.txt. Next, select Japanese, it will be loading mame_jp.txt. Thanks.

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