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Themes / Re: New JukeBox Theme 4:3 for arcade cabient
« on: Yesterday at 07:23:18 PM »
There is update of demo video.  :)


how does kodi link in attractmode?

It needs to make a specify layout theme & script to do it.

Themes / New JukeBox Theme 4:3 for arcade cabient
« on: Yesterday at 12:09:44 AM »
The new theme is coming.  :)

Demo 2

- the video will be continuous playing or jump to next one (it depends of playing mode setting)
- there is 3 modes of playing videos, repeat, shuffle, repeat track. You can switch the mode at anytime
- you can set default playing mode in option
- you can MUTE the video sound at anytime
- font supports displaying English, Japanese & Chineses text
- the system only support video format like as mp4, any audio format like as mp3 don't support in this moment

hi !

when i press escape from the menu list i have the "configure layout" how can i undo that?

best regards


The reason is layout design. You only exit the theme on menu's exit banner.

If you really want to cancel it, you may edit layout.nut file as below

Code: [Select]
//case "back":
// fe.signal( "layout_options" );
// return true;


You may refer my theme of MENU layout - on_tick function. I think it is the answer

Hello, the link is broken, could you please update it? I love the theme good work !!!!!

Updated. Pleae try  :)

The scanline artwork is updated. If you don't want to download full package again. Please download attach to replace it on GAMERS_DEFAULT & GAMERS_CARDDASS_DBZ. Thanks.

General / Retro Gamers Station ( Attarct Mode integrate with Kodi )
« on: November 07, 2021, 01:01:29 AM »
Finally, a new 7 inch monitor arrivied. The station is completed. Gamers Theme can be perfectly integrate with Kodi. You may select Kodi in Atttract Mode Menu. The back light issue also fixed in small monitor while each reboot system. Kodi is good for handling Music, IPTV & Multimedia. Also, we can use Kod bulit in function to exit, restart or shutdown machine. 


Updated to fix GUI issue while in linux system and craddass sound issue. please override all files again.

Please try to follow #8 Retropie Setup & Install Attract Mode

First of all, I have no experience to do that. But I have idea, you may try.

Following as below guide to install Retropie in ODROID XU4 and then install Attract Mode. It should be OK.

Dear All,

Sorry, I find out there is some mistake on pervious download package. I have updated. If you don't want to download full package again. Please download below attactment and override carddass's layout.nut. Thanks.

Hi All,

The theme is finally repacked and releas.  Name is changed to "GAMERS SYSTEM". There is not only combine with Carddass function. There is some ajustment on whole system. So, we would like to recommend all current user update it to latest version. Thanks & Enjoy  ;D

One more thing, since I lack of skill to make a attractive video, if someone have interest to make a video trailer for this system. Please let me know. Thank you.

Themes / Re: AM High Score HD (Hi-Res) Theme 2.7 (Finial Build)
« on: October 16, 2021, 03:34:03 AM »
Hi All, Since I would like to consolidate all materials. This post will be hold on and I will update again once completed  :)

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