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Themes / Attract Mode Theme - Star Trek LCARS
« on: May 11, 2017, 07:10:30 AM »
Hey everyone,

As a compliment to my Emulation Station Star Trek LCARS theme, I'm in the process of porting it over to AM.

One of the new additions to the AM theme is that the theme is going to make use of the [Overview] token to provide game descriptions.

I've already pre-made several thousand files and I'm in the process of finishing that up (just have the computer systems left to create).

Once I release the theme, I'll include all of the game description files along with instructions on where to copy them to.  Plus, I'm also going to provide a download link to the game description files themselves.  I'll also provide some sample code to put into a layout.nut file to use them.  So if you want to incorporate game descriptions into your themes, this may save you some time by not having to create them.

I've still got a little bit of work to do (game files, remaining system wheels, etc) ... but I'm hoping to release it in a couple of weeks. 

Below you can see what the AM theme will look like.  You can also find the ES LCARS theme on my Youtube channel along with its download link.

Themes / Re: motion blue version 3
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:46:44 AM »
The Motion Blue themes (both the AM and ES themes) were only tested on 16:9 monitors.  Not sure how they would work for other sizes.  Technically they will work, but I'm not sure how visually they will appear.  They will be squished in a little from the sides on a 4:3 ... so I'm guessing that same affect will be applied when using a 5:4 monitor.

Themes / New Theme - Unified
« on: December 05, 2016, 06:45:37 AM »
Hi Group……

Here is my new global RetroPie Attract Mode theme I call “Unified”.

It’s based on omegaman’s awesome robospin_v4 layout.

I’m calling it Unified because all of the different wheels have a similar look and feel to them. It comes with unified themes for all the systems, for a new Favorites display as well as the new system selection display.

I’ve included a PDF file full of instructions and info on how to install and use it. Nothing hard…just copy over the files into the right folders..and you’re done. But you will have to do the recent attract mode update (I have the commands in the PDF file) if you want to use the new “system selection” display menu.

In essence, it’s basically just like copying over any other new theme you’ve downloaded.

It's also got new enhancements in the “Attract Mode Setup” display. Many new wheels for the same programs from the Emulation Station RetroPie menu are included.  i've written the new AM scripts for them located in /home/pi/.attract/Attract Mode Setup

it also includes my new script called “Generate Favorites” wheel to make a special romlist of all of your games from all systems you’ve marked as a favorite. That goes along with the new Unified Favorites display theme….a display just of your favorites.

New layout.nut options I've added in are:

show/hide game information box at the bottom
show/hide new boxart/cartart images (requires modifications to your AM emulator files - instructions in PDF)
animation added to the boxart/cartart images

Plus a few more as well.

themes are now unified to keep the same look across all systems

layout “unified” - assign to all non-arcade displays
layout “unified-arcade” - assign to all displays that are MAME/FBA based
layout “unified-favorites” - default layout for the Favorites wheel
layout “unified-displaymenu” - default layout for the new Display Menu/System Selection wheel

Layouts take advantage of all available media magic tokens (modifications may be needed in AM emulator files - instructions in PDF file)
media types included: flyer, marquee, wheel, snap, box art, cartridge art
corresponding folders in the /roms/xxx directory

The download includes over 80 PNG files each for backgrounds and pointers for all systems, Photoshop PSD template files for all images (backgrounds, pointers, system wheels), and other additional media files.

To see it in action, you can watch a Youtube video I created showcasing it here.

Here is the download link (it’s hosted on Mega).!8MFhjQ7R!HPHmhDVkp9-QsS-J_6Jr-c7YmkrcTVCnLqFxiYDVGSA

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