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Thanks all. Great job.

Themes / Re: Velvix theme
« on: August 26, 2015, 05:07:40 PM »
I've cut the cab from background and cleaned it from any junk stickers and screenshots.
In attached zip you will find cab image on transparent background (png).

Good luck with the layout.

Many Thanks and I have taken some time to fix some graph issue on the left top concer.

I can make a clean cut from the background.

ok, please help to create one. Thanks.  ;)

I think it's a time to move it to the separate thread - and call it something like VELVIX spinwheel

Agree. Wish omegaman open it soon. One more, could you help to improve VELVIX's cabinet graphical? I am less skill on doing that. Thank you very mush  :-*

One more advise. For location of Flyers artwork, we can put it next to monitor like as below  ;D

The first cabinet was on the left side. That's cool... I do have to many pokers in the fire, anyway.

Really, that good and waiting for your update then. Thanks.

The code is done and this is the first iteration... Cabinet still needs to be cleaned up a bit.

We didn't mirror picture to fit Roboskin spinwheel since joystick controller will be incorrect display. So we need to update code to change the wheel location. Please see my post #96 and download new nut file . I will try to clean up the picture and update code again.

It is better you may concentrate all effort to complete original once first. Thanks.  ;)


Great pictures (if you like that kind of a cab), but I'm afraid that your cab doesn't fit this particular theme at all.
The whole idea behind the new cab image I'm preparing was to add some variety to the theme WITHOUT changing position and geometry of artwork (ie screen and marquee must be EXACTLY the same size and position) - this obviously can't be done with your image.

It's maybe more suitable to multi-emu theme that omegaman is working right now where each emulator gets its own layout.

Yes, but it can update the code to fit image. Wish omegaman create a new topic (project) to do that. Or omegaman do you mind I create a new topic? Since I know some programming, may be I can help to update code to fit vewlix cabinet pictures base on Roboskin spinwheel. Thanks.  :)


Quick test  :P . Try to updated layout nut file. Since it appears new area that high light with red circle. It can add more game artwork in later. Thanks.  ;)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Find 2 excellent vewlix cabinet pictures.  ;)

Hi omegaman, I think the pictures can do it further processing. Thanks. 


Yeah, I changed things up from what I had originally planned. I need to update the script for the second cab skin verion is woking on, so I'll add that option in. I was originally going to make it where if you turned off the marquee the logo would be displayed instead. But, that isn't very practical if the user wants to have both enabled. I just forgot to add the marquee option back in.

Love it and I have some advise. Could you create one of cabinet with vertical screen?   It will be better for display STG games. Thanks.

OK, here is the updated robospin for testing. If your not happy with logo placement, I'm open to suggestions.

ListBox added, enable in layout options. Spinwheel is the Default.
font included in layout. Unzip and right click to install.
Logo for display is on by default. It can also be disabled in layout options. I added a few logos like (mame, nes, snes, atari, sega). Add your own logos to the layout folder for displaynames that are  configured for your system. You can edit the script to add your own systems under the transitions section at bottom of layout.nut.
example below:

                case "MAME":
                logo.file_name = "mame.png";
                case "SNES":
                logo.file_name = "snes.png";
                case "NES":
                logo.file_name = "nes.png";
                case "GENESIS":
                logo.file_name = "sega.png";
             case "kat5200":
                logo.file_name = "atari.png";

Thank you for your effort. I love it very much.

The File (7zip)

Thank you for your great afford. Your job is great. One more request, could you try to enlarge size of cabinet? The  cabinet' screen is a bit of small to preview. Thanks.

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