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OK, here is the updated robospin for testing. If your not happy with logo placement, I'm open to suggestions.

ListBox added, enable in layout options. Spinwheel is the Default.
font included in layout. Unzip and right click to install.
Logo for display is on by default. It can also be disabled in layout options. I added a few logos like (mame, nes, snes, atari, sega). Add your own logos to the layout folder for displaynames that are  configured for your system. You can edit the script to add your own systems under the transitions section at bottom of layout.nut.
example below:

                case "MAME":
                logo.file_name = "mame.png";
                case "SNES":
                logo.file_name = "snes.png";
                case "NES":
                logo.file_name = "nes.png";
                case "GENESIS":
                logo.file_name = "sega.png";
             case "kat5200":
                logo.file_name = "atari.png";

Thank you for your effort. I love it very much.

The File (7zip)

Thank you for your great afford. Your job is great. One more request, could you try to enlarge size of cabinet? The  cabinet' screen is a bit of small to preview. Thanks.

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