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The future of emulation


So which is best? A lot of emulators are not being updated and are still 32-bit. Maybe Retroach has something here but they don't have the same feature set as a stand alone emulator. They might get that worked out though...

personally i prefer the way retroarch / mame etc are going, imagine a seperate emulator for every arcade game, without the gui that mame provides for setting up bezels, controls, overlays etc, it would be a complete nightmare...


I agree with you there..but there is something ts be said for "parts". There have been many single arcade emulators over the years filling the gap that mame couldn't do. A large exe takes up space to say run just dig dug..but then the other code is there to offer more features. Retroarch is question...but there are times that the emulator itself runs better than the libreto core. On the other hand the libretro team are still improving emulators that have been "abandoned".

I do think it will take over....eventually....

Final burn alpha will run great on a old slow machine...much better than a old version of mame will. (I've tested this).

I do wish someone would pick up fast mame again...that might help the libretro team out too. I say this because it will run 100% on a 400mhz 128mb RAM (yes even KI, KI2, MK thru UMK3)...which is about the equivalent of a rasp pi model B+

So the voting is over.

Not many people voted..but I didn't advertise it either. :P

Looks like it's a tie! :)

I guess each setup has it's uses after all.

The future of hardware emulation has been proclaimed impressive, as shown by its upward market performance trend. As revealed by a recent ESD Alliance Market Statistics Service (MSS) report, the total revenue in 2019 stood at over $10 billion, representing an 8.3 percent increase over 2018 performance.


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