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Nestopia Direct3D error



I'm having a bit of a problem. Nestopia works fine when run itself, but when trying to launch a game from Attract Mode it throws up an error window that says the following:

Nestopia Error

Can't start! Direct3D is busy!

I'm planning to recycle an old gaming pc as an arcade cabinet, but I've never used a front end before and I have no clue what the problem here is.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, in advance.

Also, WinKawaks give the following error:

DirectDraw Sample

Failed initializing DirectDraw.

As I previously said, the emulator works fine when I launch it on it's own. These errors are only occurring when I try to launch via Attract Mode.

I was having this issue, and since I did not see a reply or an easy to find solution... I figured I'd share what resolved it for me. This unanswered post popped up as the first google result when I searched for these symptoms.

I went into the "General" settings for Attract Mode and changed the "Window Mode" option to "Fullscreen Mode".


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