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Share your links for emulation stuff here. Just the link and a brief description will be great. Please note I DO NOT maintain any of the stuff on these links..these are just reference. Also unless otherwise stated everything here is for windows XP or higher

mameuifx  (no longer updated)
SDLmame  (linux only)
SDL mame (mac only)
mame   (linux [repository] SDL mame is the better choice I think) NOTE: As of version 0.174? MESS and MAME have merged thus if you have this or a newer version of MAME you have MESS!)
advance mame (linux, mac, BEoS, Haiku, DOS (yes dos) and updated still)
Thunder mame (japanese - 日本語)

Final Burn Alpha

MAME Support Files:
controls.ini   (if you know the link pm me please)
the rest  



Rom Managers:
rom vault (wine\windows)
clrmamepro linux (with wine)
clrmamepro help
rom lister linux (with wine)

 MAME on-line:
mamehub  mac linux
fightcade linux (with wine)

Compile MAME Yourself:
mame compiler
compile mame
"no-nag mame" patch,64298.0.html

Twisted Quarter
Recroom Masters
Dream Authentics

cpwizard linux (with wine)
MAME World
The Official MAME Manual (PDF Format [right click and save as if you want to save it])

As of August, 2016 all links are alive.

If you want to add something reply here!

Controls.ini is a project started by Kevin Jonas (SirPoonga) with the help of Howard Casto.
This project was started to accurately document the controls and button labels of the arcade control panels from the games in MAME.
Like the Catlist and NPlayers files, you can only use the controls.ini with a front-end that is programmed to use it.

Old version (2007) 0.111.3 gotten from
;;Controls.dat INI file Version=0.111.3, Time=2007-08-19 16:21:19, Generated by=SirPoonga

They are meant to be at this place, but just recovered from faillure so while it is up, can't find the files there xml can be downloaded from there though still 404 since server rebuild

Thanks ZeroQI

I knew I'd found it somewhere! Well that will cover that! :)

Now if we can just get somebody to make a new version of fast mame I think we can really get some mame machines out there! The code feels "bloated" now (no offense..the devs work hard). So many versions it's hard to keep track on the new release days! When I stared it was just DOS and we were glad it worked 25% of the time  ;D

We just need somebody to post the latest version now until the official site is back up or somebody else maintain it. Glad i could help

SirPoounga August 27, 2012 wanted to pass the flame,122252.0.html,141058.0.html

This github project is 4 month old it seems, seem the same in json format with mods so
He also posted there:,150639.0.html

He wrote "I found the structure of the data in the controls.dat project a bit archaic, convoluted, and difficult to use. So I created a tool that will restructure the controls.dat JSON file in a way that (in my opinion) is much easier to work with. I think the JSON format makes this much easier compared to XML. I also expanded the structure so that more exact and meaningful information could be recorded. It also updates the way the MAME input ports are stored so it is compatible with the latest MAME (no more _EXT inputs)."

latest v0.141
Can't seem to find latter than controls.ini version 0.111.5, Time=2008-06-20 18:27:09 below:;topic=91711.0;attach=122578

it seems that AttractMode should support the new format if indeed it supports creating the files from mame source, avoiding out of date mappings:

--- Code: ---MAME Input Port Definition Map Creator

node createMAMEInputPortDefMap.js [-min]

cat inpttype.h | node createMAMEInputPortDefMap.js > mameInputPortDefMap.json
cat inpttype.h | node createMAMEInputPortDefMap.js -min > mameInputPortDefMap.min.json
Creates a JSON map of the MAME input ports defined in inpttype.h from MAME's source.

You can get inpttype.h from

Generates the MAME Input Port Definition Map.
--- End code ---


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