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The Rules
« on: August 04, 2015, 06:08:12 AM »
First Rule: Absolutely no asking for roms. Any type of questions OR answers of that sort will be removed! Please understand this is not to be rude or mean in anyway. That is just how it is because it has to be that way.

How you get your roms is up to you. Use a search engine.

Second Rule: Try not to post "have you searched [for your problem]" or "love to help you but oh well sorry about your luck." That is not what this topic thread is for, it's to help others if you are not going to help...don't post.

Third Rule: Post your Computer info (cpu type, amount of ram, graphics card, and operating system) that will help us out A LOT.

The people that are helping are here to help..not do it for you. Please respect that. However knowing that you tried on your own first people will be more willing to help.

Again if you need specific info or you are having trouble with a emulator look on that emulators forum!

Last...emulation is not easy! It is a lot of hard work but the rewards are worth it! :)
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