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pre-compiled linux mame binaries here

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These links are to compiled linux mame binaries. They have high scores save support and boxes removed. Get the one you need either 32-bit or 64-bit. Make sure to read the readme! Enjoy! :)

Note that this will not tell you if a game does not work in MAME. If you are having problems with a game working, load it with a normal mame build to see if any errors pop up (red box). If so there is nothing that can be done to make it work! DO NOT bother the mame devs about it they can not help you and neither can anyone else! We all just have to wait till they can get it working!

64-bit     32-bit

Ok, I have compiled the 0.168 version. This does not save hi scores though. What is the best way to upload it?

I use a free file hosting service and then link it here

I would like to compile the last version of MAME and remove only the boxes. Is there a tutorial to do it?

there is not a tutorial per say but here are instructions:

I can do a write up it will take me a few days


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