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How ad this emulator PC6001VX????

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Mark Norville:

--- Quote from: gamesmame on March 24, 2022, 02:21:11 PM ---I found this:

Its helps??

--- End quote ---

That is assembly code, it is just programming/deconstruction language and nothing to do with getting the games up and running.

As I am bored it looks like you have short cut keys looking at some of the pictures

So r = rom, a= tape load as it has an _ it may mean CTRL A ALT A or something like that. Sadly because most of the language on the screenshots is Japanese it makes it a lot harder to know what things actually are.



Thanks for you atention Mark!

It's really a shame.. I'm "new" to programming, i am noobie... from 0 to 10 I understand only 1 or at most 2 in programming, so it's really a shame, I can't make "emulate" i cant make this emulator work in attract mode alone only my self.

Mark Norville:
AM is not programming, it is just about finding out the right arguments to make something run.

The emulator obviously needs to have a CLI or command line interface available to be able to get the roms to run correctly, or failing that batch files or .bats

Sadly as this is a system that I am far away from adding to my system, E.G that I have never even heard of it before, then I cannot spend days on something to try and help you out get up and running.

1) I would have to download the emulator
2) I would have to download some roms
3) I would have to spend a day or more trying to get this up and running

As my PC is tied up doing other stuff, and my brain is limited to doing one thing at once, I don't really have the time to do a deep dive on getting this up and running.

I would really suggest looking for the Amstrad CPC as that is tape based or maybe the Sinclair Spectrum and taking a look at the arguments for them as it might give you a better understanding of how tape based systems actually load tapes and run's them.

It might help, it may not, but worth a try



emulator and rom dont pass 10mb but ok, i apreciate yout help!! thanks man, if you try please let me know... thanks!!!

Mark Norville:
Yeah it is not going to be big, but it is time scale and list of priorities.

If it was a quick two minute try and succeed then it would be different, but if it is a try and fail, then it will frustrate me and even if it took days to try and succeed, then that is time that I do not currently have. If it was a system that I actually wanted to do anyway, then that would have been another matter.

At the moment I have X amount of systems to set up, and currently doing 2,900 PS1 Japan Roms

This is about the 1,000th thing on my list to do, in that I may never get around to ever doing this system, or if I do it might be ten years before I touch this.

However, you really need to look at the Amstrad CPC and other tape based systems, that really is the only help that I can give you on this system.

It just does not even come close to my radar to do, e.g it is a system that I have never used, heard of etc.

Hermintage Potter or however you spell his name, has not been on for a while, or AKAFox, they would have been your best people to have tried this for you.

Hopefully if they have the time to try this, then they might be able to get it up and running for you, but as I say have a look at tape based systems, it might be a similar style set up in what you need to do.

E.G it needs to insert tape, run/load tape and play the game.

A few things that you could try

-f = full screen (do not put the = full screen just use -f
-L = load I would assume
-run=system -rom=[name]

A couple of systems that I could find, I could not find an Amstrad CPC or reasonably anything close to that, ZX Spectrum might be close to that

I just had a look at retroarch

They have the following cores

PC-8000 - 8800

No 6001VX though who knows that might be a waiting game if they ever release a core for this system.




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