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Config MAME emulator on M1 Mac

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Does AM create any kind of log file I can review on the Mac? I'm shooting in the dark trying to get this working and getting close to giving up and looking for something else to use as a front end.

Here is my latest config file.

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.6.1
executable           $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/mame
args                 [name]
workdir              $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/
rompath              $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/roms/
romext               .zip
system               Arcade
info_source          listxml
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    artwork         $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/artwork/
artwork    cabinets        $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/cabinets/
artwork    marquee         $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/marquees/
artwork    snap            $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/snap/;$HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame/videosnaps/

Also, this is the ls result of my $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame directory:

dwilliams@Davids-MacBook-Pro-2 ~ % ls $HOME/Documents/EMUs/mame
COPYING            castool*           docs/              history/           language/          nlwav*             snap/              videosnaps/
MAME-List.xml      cfg/               floptool*          hlsl/              ldresample*        plugin.ini         soundtrack/        whatsnew.txt
MAME0.243ROMs.xml  chdman*            flyers/            imgtool*           ldverify*          plugins/           titles/
artwork/           covers_SL/         folders/           ini/               mame*              romcmp*            ui.ini
bgfx/              ctrlr/             gameover/          jedutil*           marquees/          roms/              uismall.bdf
cabinets/          dats/              hash/              keymaps/           nltool*            samples/           unidasm*

Make sure your MAME emulator (not AttractMode) mame.ini file contains the correct "rompath" to your roms.

This is old but it might help.

It does, if I start MAME from command line it finds all the ROMS that I have. Same directory.

Try running a couple of MAME games from AttractMode and then post your last_run.log file.


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