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CMD help
« on: September 02, 2022, 08:22:18 AM »

Hi all ! I found a solution to launch Model2 and DemulShooter at the same time using the lines below :

executable           cmd
args                    /c cd C:/Attract-Mode/emulators/Model2/ & start DemulShooter.exe -target=model2 -rom=[name] & start C:/Attract-Mode/emulators/Model2/emulator_multicpu.exe - [name]
rompath              C:/Attract-Mode/emulators/Model2/roms/

The problem is that Attract mode continues to play menu vidéo sounds once in the emulator and the hotkey to exit no longer works. When I quit Model2 with ESCAPE, the emulator minimizes, but does not close. I think it's because Attract-Mode only handles exe's and not command lines. A little help ? THX !