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Console emulation and stuff
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:31:42 PM »
Share your links for emulation stuff here. Just the link and a brief description will be great. Please note I DO NOT maintain any of the stuff on these links..these are just reference. Also unless otherwise stated everything here is for windows XP or higher. If supported on other platforms it is listed in parentheses. (if these work on mac os..please let me know via pm so that I can update it.)

single system
   Atari 2600  (linux repository)
    Mattel Intelivision
        jzIntv (mac linux)

   Atari Jaguar
      Virtual Jaguar

   Famicom /Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
      Fceux (linux repository)
      Nestopia (mac linux (repository))
   Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
      Zsnes  (linux repository)
      Snes9x (linux)
      Higan (linux repository)
   Nintendo 64   
      Mupen64plus (linux repository)
(Project 64 not included because of rumors of malware)

   PCE / TurboGraphics-16
      Hu-Go! (linux)
      Turbo Engine
   Sega Master System (SMS)
      Kega Fusion (Linux)

   Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 32X & CD
      Kega Fusion (linux)

   Sega Saturn
      Yabause (repository)
      SSF (japanese - 日本語)

      Freedo (linux)
       Phoenix (Russian - Русский язык) (linux)
   Sony Playstation (PSX)
      ePSXe (mac linux)
      PcSX-R (linux)
      PCSX2 (linux)
      Xeebra (japanese- 日本語)

(As of version 0.174? MESS and MAME have mergered thus if you have this or a newer version of MAME you have MESS!)
retroarch (linux repository)
mednafen (linux repository)
Final Burn Alpha (linux with wine)

         Nintendo Gameboy (linux repository)
         Sony Playstation Portable
        WinKawaks (neogeo)
        ProSystem 7800 (Atari 7800)
        neopop (neo-geo pocket)


Rom Managers:
      rom vault (linux with wine)
       clrmamepro (linux with wine)
       clrmamepro help
       rom deleter (linux with wine)
       good tools (linux with wine)
       dats for rom managers or


Other Tools:
   close emu
   Antimicro (linux)


   Overclocked remix
   Killer Instinct sound track on Vinyl

All links alive as of August 2016.

I left out systems that are only ten years old deliberately. Also I tried not link to "emulator sites" rather to the emulators home page as they usually have the newest versions. If I have missed something (emulators, tools, ect.) reply here..of course only if they meet the above criteria.
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