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Stay Tuned....
Arc of Wonders is short for Arcade of Video Games. Is intended to highlight some great examples of the games that were created from the wonders of imagination... the games that started it all.

This is mostly a pre-assembled set of applications and layouts that have been combined to create a cross-platform multi interface with tons of functionality.  It's mostly portable, meant to be used on a server and runs very well on most systems right out of the box.  I did not create everything and I would hope others will add to and create other versions of this.

My set includes Pegasus, but really anything that is cross platform would have worked.  These 2 were the top qualifiers.  The first screen is Attract and the sub screens are whatever works.

I am working on getting the whole thing posted including all the scripts.

Update Nov 6:This contains scripts and preset apps that all are configured the way it's supposed to be set up

Roms and media not included here. Folder is "Roms" and subfolders for each rom set and and "media" folder in each set.

-Unlimited configurations for attractmode at startup - all from one set of attract files
-Main menu to select which configuration to display at each station
-Portability - runs from a server on both Linux and Windows stations
-Any controller - while attract, pegasus, etc don't allow a long of list preconfigs for a large collection of controllers like mine, all controllers will work with varied button assignment
-Minimal keyboard controls - while keyboard buttons are assigned to many things, ideally this would only use controllers
-One retroarch file - smashed all the files into one folder so many files and settings are shared across platforms

« on: June 21, 2021, 06:15:45 PM »
Please list examples where %USERPROFILE% and other variables work.
I use mine in retroarch appendconfig but it's not working and I don't thing the log file shows the final result.

Themes / fe.add_artwork() --- feature: random choice of file
« on: December 06, 2020, 04:48:47 PM »
I can't the a .nut function fe.add_artwork() so I assume it's compiled in the exe. What I want is for the system to choose a random image from the list of available locations.  So the emulator setting is something like: media/flyer;media/fanart;media/otherart. So up to 3 files should be available to display (more if they are in subfolder sets). Each time the image is choosen to display, attractmode should choose one at random from all available files. Currently, it only chooses from the first folder with a file in it. So in my example if media/flyer contains no files, media/fanart contains 2 inside a folder of the same game  name and media/otherart has one file, attract mode will cycle through the fanart files, but completely ignore the otherart file.

Scripting / using multiple emulators and other applications with one wheel
« on: November 17, 2020, 09:20:38 PM »
So I'm looking over the .nuts to find where the code is for executable, arguments and paths. What I want to do I simply add the possibility to run different apps using the same wheel names on the same wheel. So I can have multiple versions in test, multiple emulators and the great one: manuals open easily.  (yes, I know there is a manuals addon)  I'm imaging opening full videos, web searches and more all on the same wheel with many configured buttons.This should be just a few lines of code and would include a line for setting a button assigned to each. I would make up to 5 per wheel.
Thing is, I haven't found it yet and assume it's embedded in the compiled exe. Is it? Also, want to help?

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