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Question for the Developer and idea.
« on: August 04, 2022, 04:51:25 AM »
      I was wondering if Attract Mode will ever get a "Box Mode" kind of like how LaunchBox has their Box Mode and Big Box mode. Attract Mode already has the Big Box stuff covered and "The Great Themes Collection" in great, honestly I like it better than anything Big Box has to offer. I switched over to Linux a few months back and no longer use Windows at all and wont be going back.

I'm no coder, LOL Unless you count simple .sh scripts which I wouldn't. But I was thinking, Attract Mode already has all the features to import the art and even the box art and all that, it would be nice to have a secondary mode that just had the systems listed on the left and for each one the Box art on the right to select the games to play. I mean it could be setup to use the existing emulator config files. I realize a theme could probably do that, but I'm talking about a completely additional separate mode where you can switch between the two.

If there was a theme like the one I am talking about and a key shortcut to switch between that theme and one other that would work like I am suggesting here.

Just wondering and thought I would ask. 

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