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lol, yea it turned into an awesome emulator thread now...

Tekken 3 is an IMPERFECT rom and namco, Tekken 2 lagggs bigtime on my 1.7Ghz machine, I get 2 frames per/second

I always use this website to check information abouts roms, it doesnt contain any roms tho...

Okay, I've just tested "MAME32 More! 0.84.232" on my P4 1.7Ghz, windows xp sp2

SHOCKING!!!! nothing laggs overall, its loads super fast your roms!!!, it uses about 80% or less of my CPU, where all other emulators HOGS the hell out of my CPU, full blast 100% usage +lagg, midway games laggs abit, but im not to bothered about those games....

You can skip a bunch of errors and stuff that usually annoys people in the settings... that type OK nonsense, and cant flip screen stuff and more and more

and this emulator supports new games because its a (Aug 7 2020) release

You do have to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages or else the emulator will give you a error upon start "0xc0150002"

No stretching issues thats a deal breaker


UPDATE: On all games like the entire metal slug collection for example that never lagged previously but lagg now insanely on all mame emulators today thats running on old systems like I am, well that doesnt lagg on MAME32 More! 0.84.232 and the games that always lagged on old systems due to high res and full on 3D graphics, ofcourse still laggs... the amount of lagging games on this emulator in general is very small, so someone messedup big time in the mame source beyond a certain version, I strongly believe....

UPDATE: Ive also found a "Mame32k 0.67.232" kinda the same thing but just as legit!!!  ...this version seems to have an issue with auto volume adjust or something....I reverted back to Mame32k 0.67.229

lol, they will soon have to rename this thread to emulators and hardware stuff the way we going... :D

oh no.. im not going to start mess around with linux again, Ubuntu is awesome tho and my fav distro, I used it in my AAA radius servers when I used to be a WISP that offered prepaid wifi using prepaid vouchers using credit cards or printed out vouchers, back in the days...before wifi for free everywhere...

that was hell to setup and config....

Code: [Select]
### Windows Direct3D 2D video options ###
d3dtexmanage            1
d3dfilter               1
d3deffectrotate         1
d3deffect               none
d3dprescale             auto
d3dfeedback             0
d3dscan                 100

I run this on my 2 machines with mame32 plus! 0.88u2 ... no laggg, runs fine in my 1.7Ghz celeron and the 1.7Ghz pentuim and it doesnt look so pixelated, thx to that bilinear filter running (doesnt effect performance that I can notice) ....... I'm still stuck on it, if can run on a p3 400Mhz machine up to metal slug 5 without any lagg or frame skip, then it WILL run on my old but faster hardware... but they used DOS on that 200IN1 machine with advancemame.. cant figure out the version... they even packed/compressed it with UPX, and probably any cloning stuff hardcoded in?!?! before I gave up on that project, I copied the latest version of advancemame v3 on that box, and omw.... it was laggging like helll

so I gave up on that boxes, Im just re-using the jamma controllers now...

Have you heard of "MAME32 More! 0.84.233" its a up to date version kinda (Aug 7 2020), looks like mam32 plus! just better, and the controls is mapped all mesedup.. none standard for jamma, and I cant figure out where it saved the stuff once you changed it?!?! I just want to overwrite the remapped keys somehow with standard mame keys.. but it supports stuff like skip any type of error or warning that can be changed in the GUI itself... In earlier version(s) seems to have a bug where the "Mame32m" processes hangs under task manager and it piles up later :o ..i havent yet test this emulator on my 1.7Ghz machines, because im about done with this project but still, but if I find something better, I will update it...

however I would still prefer advancemame aswell, but the screen stretching is messedup and I've found others aswell on threads with the same issue but its super old threads, even on this forum (, where all the other mame flavors doesnt have this issue :(

lol and I'm not going to downgrade to DOS

Yea ive tried all the mame32 plus! versions almost, I'm aware of that 0.195 end vibe

I use After burner2 and out run also as lagg bench not sure if thats a good bench reference even to use?!? only if metal slug doesnt lag, they even lagg on new versions, after a certain mame version , and on the newest versions of mame, everything laggg like in auto skip to full blast!

So mame32 plus! 0.88u2 (my fav) nothing lagg! but it doesnt supports the newer games :'(
on advanceMAME 0.106, after burner2 and stuff also lag time, metal slug 5... no issues...

In advanceMAME 0.106... there is no resize_effect... only magnify in the tap menu and auto and runs on 1 but I understand what you mean..

My test results on mame32 plus
MAME32 Plus! 0.74u1 lag free
MAME32 plus 0.83 lag free
MAME32 plus! 0.88u2 - lagg free
mameplus_bin_gcc-0.120 with up to metal slug 4 without lag,,, lagg on other lagg free games from previous versions
Mame32_Plus_0.104 ..hell no
mameplus-0.101u3-bin -hell no
mameplus_bin_gcc-0.106-20060517 metal slug roms all works the rest lagg

MAME32 just have issues..
MAME32 More! 0.84.201 support alot of games, program is just weird and didnt do it for me

also fastmame.. nope!!!! and I dont going to mess around with dll files in my windows folder to make it work..

mame itself... naaah

no-nag versions, i want my loading progress bar

its just a big mess everything...

thats the pain of using old hardware, but hey.. what can I do with a $20 budget, i use the stuff thats there already...  :P doing a massive free favor for a bud who really needs my help

Yea that manual from advanceMAME makes my head spin aswell

almost most of the games are perfectly stretched on screen but the majority of it is games that I wont even want to keep on the system..

I've already played with display_expand settings, thats doesnt do anything?!
and display_resizeeffect is set to auto, doesnt slow down anything,,,

I just get super annoyed with the rubbish stretching from advanceMAME but.... this emulator is cool

I'm using "mame32 plus! 0.88u2" that stretches perfect like all the other mame emulators, and that mame32 plus also supports auto volume adjust thats awesome..... but it only goes up to metal slug 3 so im going to try a later version of mame32 plus!, its just hell to find software that you cant find anymore besides on Chinese or other painfull methods and on but its just a bunch of dead links mostly...

but this nag screens in general that you cant turn off is soo annoying (advanceMAME have none!)... and a no-nag version of mame something, then the loading bar is gone, and thats just as worst

My findings on AdvanceMAME

I've been playing around with "AdvanceMAME 0.106 and up" ... it doesnt show stupid nag screens when enabled!! it normalizes sound, everything is perfect, can play about any rom!!!! but.......
BIGGEST CON: it seem to have an issue with going complete full screen, some games it only stretches the vertical or horizontal and that a deal breaker!
ANOTHER CON.. it doesnt have a loading screen or progress bar!??! and this plugin in AM, thats supposed to be a loading screen is pointless.. it only displays for 1 sec and then the emulator loads with a black screen for a couple of seconds depending on game.
ANOTHER CON: AdvanceMAME doesnt show smooth gfx like all the other mame emulators... but thats not a deal breaker for me...

PROs: AdvanceMAME works very well with AM....

I'm running this in my advmame.rc file:
misc_quiet yes
misc_safequit no
device_video_output fullscreen

Im using AdvanceMAME 0.106 om my P4 1.7Ghz machine with no laggg, only games with higher resolution laggs, and midway games laggs a little bit, but too much to leave on machine..
by no lagg, I mean like metal slug 5 runs 100% fine. neogeo and capcom no problem, but when the game res is to high... lagg, and thats understandable

General / Re: Automatic exit to the list of games
« on: June 21, 2021, 08:25:29 AM »
Okay, problem fixed

Ill post the code when this forum will allow me to, I keep getting "Internal Server Error"
there we go... I'll just post a picture then...If I cant post the code

Have a look at your mame.ini file what is your video set to? try software ...then try d3d but remember that card has to be able to handle Diretx9 at least! Like I said I use just the integrated graphics and it works fine for most games. (mame.ini set to d3d)

 I use plain vanilla mame  version 0.130 32-bit version with the "scanline" artwork overlay (the machine is a old 32 bit cpu) and it works fine. At least up to cpnz games (i.e street fighter EX..and I have to use and old emulator for that mame will not run them) any systems beyond that will NOT work of a  machine like that (a 1.7ghz). You can also try a lower version of mame as newer versions are more intensive on the cpu so your machine may not have the needed resources for that

 I also assume that you installed windows XP 32 bit on these machines?

Also check the resolution of your monitor turn it down to 800x600 and then try again. You would be surprised how much that will help performance. And most of theses games are not even 800X600 most of them are lower even! you could try 640X480 because of that.

Again you can try Final Burn Neo for games that mame has trouble running. Even then it is hit and miss.

As for AM itself it still crashes upon start? You could try and older version..I think that might be what I did...I will have to look. And I have a very minimal theme to use with it.

Please report back your findings I will continue trying to help you.

I set my screen to 640x480 with crt_emudriver_6.5_1.2b_xp_32 and use onboard with SIS chipset on my 2 machines, and use winVGATV to get my 15Hz display up for my CRT screen in arcade cabinets

I'm using Mame32 Plus! 0.88u2 that can play lagg freee, newer versions of mame = lagggggggggggg, dunno why....

I'm messing around with AdvanceMAME now because I want metal slug 5 to work, so I'm testing out all the versions of the emulators that I like.

If metal slug 5 can run no lagg no frame skipping on a dos based system thats a P3 400Mhz with some old version that I dont know of AdvanceMAME?!?!, becuase I had a 200IN1 machine like that recently...

but you can expect laggg on emulators that goes above a certain version number, I dunno if they changed the code or changed sometime bigtime... but everything just lagggs on new emulators using P4 systems, but downgrade your emulator and the lagg with be gone... I dont get!!!

I pulled the card out, not using it anymore... it crashes in any pc with AM and NVIDIA... might be a global issue with old NVIDIA drivers and AM, however old ATI drivers and AM have no issues with another...

but I'm playing with onboard....

General / Re: Auto Volume Control AutoIt script
« on: June 21, 2021, 04:00:23 AM »
Oh, Ive sorted out the NVIDIA problem, pulled the card out, not using it anymore... it crashes in any pc with AM and NVIDIA... might be a global issue with old NVIDIA drivers and AM

And I've found the issue with the script, the CPU was overheating because i added a different heatsink that didn't fit properly in bracket... when I run the script and launched AM, the CPU goes to 100% and booom.... overheat and crash....

that script doesnt crash the XP pc anymore, but is very buggy tho...but it does work..but not perfect at all!!

I compile in x86....

General / Re: Automatic exit to the list of games
« on: June 21, 2021, 03:36:37 AM »
within AM, I don't know.

with an external script (like autoit) on windows:
Code: [Select]
#include <Timers.au3>

;idle time in seconds

While 1
If _Timer_GetIdleTime() >= 1 * $time * 1000 Then
;systems in taskmanager   

Open taskmanager > start your emulator > check process name > add the process name in sourcecode 
script waits specified seconds and close all enclosed process

There seems to be an issue with this script thats effecting my slower machine 1.7Ghz Celeron, its pulling 100%, but on my 1.7Ghz Pentium it doesn't cause any issues!  ???

This is what I use...using the above script as reference and guidance...
Code: [Select]
#include <Timers.au3>

;idle time in seconds

While 1
If _Timer_GetIdleTime() >= 1 * $time * 1000 Then

;systems in taskmanager


General / Re: Auto Volume Control AutoIt script
« on: June 19, 2021, 09:27:20 AM »
Hi, thank you for reply, all of the above doesnt work for my xp machine

General / Auto Volume Control AutoIt script
« on: June 19, 2021, 04:08:24 AM »

On my mame emulator cabinets, I've got games with many roms like we all do... all those roms have random volume levels, some of them are screaming your ears off, and other sounds like normal

I've found a script that does the job

Now on my lagg free emulator on my 2 old systems (mame32p v0.88u2), I've tried this script and also tried other programs that does volume stuff, and they ALL crash my pc for some reason
But this script works 100% and I like it.... altho it only last a couple of second then boom... entire PC crash... have to hard reset ???

Can someone please help me out with a salutation?


General / Re: Auto exit game when on idle for x amount of time
« on: June 18, 2021, 01:44:10 PM »
thank you, the script is awesome!

General / Re: Help with Duckstation...
« on: June 18, 2021, 01:24:37 PM »
thank you hermine.potter  .... I went for the autoitscript method like you mentioned after I gave up on all the another normal methods... and your script wins the prize, im happy....
the hot exit key in AM didnt even work properly, I assume its because I'm using a very old emulator that doesnt lagggg so much like the new emulators  :(

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