Author Topic: Problem with multi emulator romlist - am I alone?  (Read 3098 times)


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Problem with multi emulator romlist - am I alone?
« on: May 28, 2016, 05:33:24 PM »
I have a romlist that combines all arcade emulators that I care about. Because several emulators share the same games as mame,  I have noticed Tewo issues:

1: 2  romlist entries that are the same except for the emulator only show up once in the game list
2: 'No Sort'  in a filter is not working.  If the romlist is not sorted 'physically'  by the ROM name, games that appear before their place in the alphabet (e.g. timepilot is located before Pacman)   will not show in the games list.

Is anyone experiencing the same?


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Re: Problem with multi emulator romlist - am I alone?
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2016, 07:46:59 PM »
My advice would be to put the roms in different directories for each emulator. No directories would have the same roms. Then you can create individual romlists for each emulator. Once you have that you can use the command line to combine the romlist into one multi-list and use that for your wheel. You would hide all the other mame emulators from being show so the frontend and displays menu would look clean. This makes the most sense since each emulator technically should be using different rom versions.

For example:
fba-next (default/main roms)
mame2003 (only roms that can't play properly in fba-next)
mame2010 (only roms that can't play properly in mame2003)
advmame (only roms that can't play properly in mame2010)

I'm sure that you have looked at the readme.txt which tells you a little about this. Check out the command line for more options such as filter and exception rules when building and/or combining the romlists. Below is the output:

  -b, --build-romlist <emu> [emu(s)...]
     Builds a romlist using the configuration for the specified emulator(s)
  -i, --import-romlist <file> [emu]
     Import romlist from the specified file. Supported formats:
        *.lst (Mamewah/Wahcade!)
        *.txt (Attract-Mode)
        *.xml (Mame listxml format or HyperSpin)
     The emulator to use for list entries can be specified as well
  -F, --filter <rule>
     Apply the specified filter rule when creating romlist
  -E, --exception <exception>
     Apply the specified filter rules exception when creating romlist
     Use with --build-romlist to include all possible roms [MAME only]
  -o, --output <romlist>
     Specify the name of the romlist to create, overwriting any existing

BTW - When I combine the lists this way they appear in alphabetical order according to the "Title" (a.k.a. game name) and not the "Name" (a.k.a. rom name).