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What emulator do I need for Namco 2x6?

And what configuration to run a game please?

While Namco 2x6 is supported as a system by Arcadeflow, I've never emulated that, I think there's some ps2 emulator that can support the system but I'm not 100% sure. You can try asking in the emulator section or on the Attract Mode discord server...

AM 2.7.0 is obsolete, from revision 16.2 Arcadeflow requires at least AM+ 3.0.6

Whoops, sorry,i didn't realize there has been a fork. When I've read about AM+ x.x.x I thought i was referred to AM version x.x.x or above and not the fork Attract Mode Plus.

Good point, I'll rewrite the original post :)

Can you add TeknoParrot in the next version

It will be released with 17.3 but you can already test it with the branch 173_wip, which can be downloaded from the "install from repository" menu :)

i've tried to take a look at older posts but I didn't find any clue on what's going on. I've extracted ArcadeFlow 17.1 (same error with 17.2) in "layouts" folders in a AttractMode 2.7.0 installation folder but I can't make it working. Other themes, like the Nevato one, are working.

AM 2.7.0 is obsolete, from revision 16.2 Arcadeflow requires at least AM+ 3.0.6

Can you add TeknoParrot in the next version

Sure, I'm already working on the logo ;)

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 17.2 [Release] Updated 22 April 2024
« on: April 21, 2024, 11:17:18 PM »
Arcadeflow 17.2 is out!

Minor update this time, with some cleanups and a couple new features:

- Added RetroArch and Arcade64 systems
- Added option to enable or disable scroll control


General / Re: 2.7.0 Mac OS X Release?
« on: April 08, 2024, 05:42:11 AM »
I suggest you move to Attract Mode Plus which is actively developed and available for macOS Intel and Apple Silicon

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 17.1 [Release] Updated 22 March 2024
« on: March 22, 2024, 01:05:09 AM »
Arcadeflow 17.1 is out!

- Added option to change menu and UI font size for larger screens
- Added Apple III system
- Added visual hint for edited options entries
- Added Build And Management category icon

Enjoy :)

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 17.0 [Release] Updated 01 March 2024
« on: March 01, 2024, 05:38:20 AM »
Arcadeflow 17.0 is out!

- Added option to disable scanlines in screensaver
- Improved rendering of shadow of history title
- Fixed bugs in game history page
- Fixed issue when emulator is not correct
- Cleaned up documentation
- Minor bug fixes


Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 16.9 [Release] Updated 12 February 2024
« on: February 12, 2024, 05:11:55 AM »
Arcadeflow 16.9 is out!

- Added support for history.xml file
- Revamped MAME xml, dat and ini file management
- Message box text now always fills the screen
- Fixed bug in the systems data file
- Fixed bug with history metadata parsing


Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 16.6 [Release] Updated 13 December 2023
« on: January 31, 2024, 05:35:11 AM »
Yes. It’s stuck. Scraping metadata for a particular rom works.

Hmm not good, can you share your pref_layoutoptions file from Arcadeflow directory? You can send it to my email or come to AF discord server where it's easier do follow the debug discussion... I'll do more tests tonight by the way.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 16.6 [Release] Updated 13 December 2023
« on: January 29, 2024, 07:05:22 AM »
May I know how to use the new ADB to only scrape metadata in ArcadeFlow?

In the scraper options you can select the metadata scraper to be "ADB Only", and then disable media scraping so that only metadata is scraped.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 16.6 [Release] Updated 13 December 2023
« on: January 20, 2024, 01:25:59 AM »
I see. Scraping takes a lot more time than simply downloading history.xml

That's true but the new ADB only scraper for arcade is blazing fast if you only need to scrape metadata and not media (because you already scraped them or you already have them). It's ScreenScraper handshake that slows down the scraper.

Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 16.8 [Release] Updated 12 January2024
« on: January 11, 2024, 10:45:04 PM »
Arcadeflow 16.8 is out!

Added options to select a scraper engine for arcade media and history data
Added options to maximise or remove history text panel
Fixed glitch when AA is enabled on macOS
Added MTX, Tomy Tutor, Exidy Sorcerer, Sharp MZ-2500, Sord M5
Added Vector-06C, Apogee BK-01, Olivetti PC1 and PC128
Added RCA Studio II, Othello Multivision, Nuon, VC 4000, Hector HRX
Added Hyper Neo Geo, Sega Nomad
Added Light Gun#ARCADE and Light Gun#CONSOLE wallpaper


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