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General / Re: Attract only works in window mode.
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:59:21 PM »
On the latest nightly build

please try one of the builds linked here and report back whether it fixes your problem:

if the emulator has the ‘non-blocking mode wait’ setting set to anything but 0 then exit and pause hotkeys won’t work.  its a known limitation with the program.

my guess is that might be your issue

General / Re: Attract only works in window mode.
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:47:11 AM »
Not yet. I think I may have a mame issue. I select a game press enter/select play button and it says Initiating then reverts back to AM game menu.

Did a console start with debug logging turned on...

heres the logfile. If anyone sees a problem let me know. :-)

in config->emulators->mame try setting your working directory to ‘C:\Games\Mame’ (its currently using your attract mode directory). I’m guessing mame isn’t finding your rom files when launching from AM.

General / Re: Attract only works in window mode.
« on: November 30, 2018, 09:23:00 PM »
Hi MuZila,

Would you mind testing the version of Attract-Mode linked here and reporting whether it addresses your issue?:

Try out the "Fill screen" window mode, that is the one that should (hopefully) work now

Hi MachoMan22,
I've made another update to try to fix the issue you have reported.  Would you mind testing the build of attract-mode linked below and let me know your results?  Make sure you set the "Window Mode" to "Fill Screen (Default)" when testing this out.  Thanks!



ok thanks for checking!  back to the drawing board....

How do we get this information in front of the developers?

I think the root cause may have other interactions with other AM functions that may drive people away from using AM.

I'm aware this issue, but haven't been able to track it down or reproduce it myself to debug.
Knowing that it doesn't happen with 2.0.0rc2 is very helpful. I've gone back and looked at what might have changed and have a theory as to what might be causing this....

I've made a test patch in 2.5.1, would someone who is experiencing this please test one of the following and let me know if the problem is still happening?:

[edit: links removed]


Announcements / Version 2.5.1 bugfix release
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:34:27 PM »
We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.5.1 of Attract-Mode!

This is a bugfix release that squashes some of the more unfortunate bugs we were able to track down in 2.5.0.  Download available at:


# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.5.0 to v2.5.1

### Andrew Mickelson (3 commits)

* Version 2.5.1
* Issue #499 - Fixed to show empty space when image/artwork fails to load
* Small style updates to PR501

### Radek Dutkiewicz (5 commits)

* Fix for textures loosing smoothing (#506)
* Redraw surfaces fix (#504)
* nowide typo fix (#502)
* Fixed SWF BlendMode
* Fixed SWF regression on SFML 2.5.0

Announcements / Version 2.5.0
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:25:16 PM »
Version 2.5.0 of Attract-Mode has now been released!

This release finally fixes the built-in scraper from hanging when scraping from the net.  It also adds the ability to pause an emulator using a hotkey configured in Attract-Mode (Linux&Windows only).

Full changelog is posted below.  Downloads available at:

# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.4.1 to v2.5.0

### Andrew Mickelson (27 commits)

* Bump to version 2.5.0
* Issue #481: Allow use of any of the 'magic tokens' in emulator arguments
* Fix some compile warnings
* Optimization for quicker artwork loading
* [Windows] extra measures to stop losing foreground focus
* [Windows] Issue #482 - Fix for unicode filenames in squirrel standard lib
* Added "Please Wait" message
* [Windows] Fix handling of unicode characters in filenames
* Added fe.get_text() function for getting translated strings from a script
* Switched to use libcurl for network scraping (#486)
* Fixed pause on raspberry pi
* Added Pause Emulator functionality (#479)
* [linux] Always close frontend window when launching from fullscreen mode linux
* Issue #334 - removed git dependency from Makefile
* [Windows] make output from fe.plugin_command() consistent with Linux/OS X
* Issues #379, #248 - Fix to allow user to escape hung artwork scraping
* Added ChangedTag transition when a game is faved or tagged
* Update expat xml parser to version 2.2.6 (#480)
* Issue #472 - Added setting to control pointer moving on emu launch
* Issue # 325 - tweaked selection acceleration, added the "selection_max_step" option to attract.cfg
* Issue #471 - fix scraping of overview info (blank entries)

### Keil Miller (1 commits)

* Display link typo resolved (#485)

### Matthew Barnes (1 commits)

* Add 'Exit Message' option to General settings (#363)

### Radek Dutkiewicz (2 commits)

* Added Overlay.Favourite command to Transition.ShowOverlay (#484)
* Added BlendMode.Subtract, fixed line endings in default shader files (#477)

### xin (1 commits)

* Improve french translation (#495)

General / Re: Scraping in Linux
« on: September 28, 2018, 06:35:58 PM »
this is due to a very recent change to the frontend

You need to have the development headers and library for “libcurl” installed on your system when you compile attractmode for network scraping to work with the newest development version.

on lubuntu I think you will need to run:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
(the package name may different)

then do a ‘make clean’ and ‘make’ on attractmode to re-compile AM(assuming you have compiled yourself)

I hope this helps

General / Re: Daily Windows Build available.
« on: September 03, 2018, 07:47:09 AM »

thanks for setting this up!

You know what, I think it would be pretty straight forward to extend the "magic token" support for calling a squirrel function into the emulator argument processing as well, so you would be able to call into a script to get it. I'll look into this further.


There isn't currently a way to pass arguments directly from the layout code to the emulator and yes I can see this being a limitation on more complicated setups.

There is a transition that layouts can use both before and after a game is launched, to configure things for their emulator (see the ultrastik plugin as an example).  You can also use the Edit Game feature to edit an entry on the romlist to specify a custom executable and command line arguments for that entry.  There is also the multi-emulator config approach keilmillerjr suggested.

Scripting / Re: Script for export name game or system
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:03:58 AM »
The following code will write the current game name to "/.attract/current_name.txt", the current game title to "/.attract/current_title.txt", and the current system to "/.attract/current_system.txt".  Hopefully this will get you started, you can paste this into a new plugin or just as part of your layout script....

Code: [Select]
fe.add_transition_callback( "gamename_transition" );
function gamename_transition( ttype, var, ttime )
        if (( ttype == Transition.EndNavigation )
                || ( ttype == Transition.StartLayout ))
                system( "echo '" + fe.game_info( Info.Name ) + "' > ~/.attract/current_name.txt" );
                system( "echo '" + fe.game_info( Info.Title ) + "' > ~/.attract/current_title.txt" );
                system( "echo '" + fe.game_info( Info.System ) + "' > ~/.attract/current_system.txt" );
        return false;


Announcements / Version 2.4.1 bug fix release
« on: August 17, 2018, 10:06:21 PM »
We're pleased to announce the newest release of Attract-Mode: version 2.4.1.  This version fixes a few of the bugs found in the recently released 2.4 and adds some 'official' Arch Linux, Debian and Ubuntu packages to the available downloads.


# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.4.0 to v2.4.1

### Andrew Mickelson (21 commits)

* Bump to version 2.4.1
* Added log message when frontend unexpectedly loses focus
* Added code to handle mame/mess media types during first run autoconfiguration
* Misc. code cleanup (removed unused variables, etc)
* Issue #282 - fixed mapped keys from working when frontend doesn't have focus
* Switch behaviour of "Fillscreen mode" to a true borderless window (#467)
* Added bound check (+ correction) for video pts
* Improved frame skipping for videos
* Fix 'non-blocking mode wait' when game has multiple loading screens
* Fix sound handling when interrupted by game launch
* Updated setting of hwaccel in FFmpeg.  Added videotoolbox for Mac OS X
* Issue #459 - fixed listbox selection background fading/colour setting

### progets (1 commits)

* RocketLauncher plugin (#470) - Written by ArcadeBliss

### Radek Dutkiewicz (1 commits)

* Added manifest to windows build (#461)

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