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Hello everyone!

I am currently modding the entire stock image of HyperPie2 and just wanted to show off my build so far. I am using photos instead of videos and have set it up so it can pull multiple pictures per channel. This way it kind of always keeps it fresh (=

I have also made some themes based off the Ol Room in the past as well as several others and will post a video in the future when everything is complete (=

There is a short video included if you would like to see how it runs. Please read the video description for more details.
Thank you for any nice comments etc!

Themes / Themes I created for several systems!
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:43:04 AM »
Hello everyone,

I made a couple more themes based on the Old Room theme posted earlier and some other additional ones as well. I am currently running them on a Raspberry Pi 3 and they should be good to go. Just drop them into your layouts folder and pick from the Display menu. I hope someone else out there may enjoy one / some of these ( = I will be sure to share any updates / changes / new themes I make in the future!

Small preview below of a couple included themes.

 -->  Download link in the description:

Hello everyone! I am using Floob's attract mode build for my Pi3 and everything works excellent.

I made a advancedsettings.xml to store my Thumbnails on my external and everything seems to work fine and they appear on the drive.

Can someone PLEASE help me with storing my temp folder as well? I noticed after looking at several of my comics that they were taking up a lot of space in the temp folder and I would love to move that over to the external like I did with my Thumbnails folder...

The thing I need is the exact address I am supposed to write in the xml file. I cant seem to get it to work and nothing show up in the temp folder I made....

For the Thumbnails file I made it look like this:


Please post how to correctly point to the temp folder as well, thank you very much for any help!

General / Is there any way to merge two arcade lists? Please help
« on: September 05, 2016, 04:32:16 PM »
Hello everyone, I am running Floobs attract mode image and everything seems to look and work beautiful off my pi question I had was if I am able to merge both my FBA and MAME 2003 lists?

I created a new display and titled it ARCADE...set all the paths etc from what I knew and it seems to be launching MAME 2003 MK for example...but when I try Metal Slug 5 it also tries to use MAME2003 instead of the options to choose a different emulator for the game, I can only see MAME2003 and there any chance I can somehow set it to FBA...this way I can keep all the games in alphabetical order and on 1 list?

Thank you for any help!!!!!

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