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General / am crash while generating snes games list?
« on: May 03, 2018, 07:44:41 AM »
hi everyone,
I'm using AM 2.3 with groovymame 0.194 and dosbox on my cab, no problem at all... but now I'd like to add a snes emuator (snes9x) and about 900 roms; AM hangs during list generation at about 75%, then crash. list is empty of course...if trying with only 10-20 roms it works perfectly. also no problem under mame with over 3.000 roms...
there where another thread regarding this problem but it should be fixed in am 2.3...
any ideas?

General / attract mode lose focus on exit dosbox
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:29:51 AM »
I'm using attract mode on my cab, (640x480 15khz crt emudrivers, windows 7 64bit), no problem with groovymame emulator;
now I have created a new display for dosbox games; I have used AHK (autohotkey) to generate various .exe files that launch dosbox and the specific game I want directly.
attract mode use a list of .lnk file that point to .exe files generated by ahk to generate the display list; when I exit the game, I see the windows desktop, not the frontend; but Attrat mode is still present, if I push the up or down key to change game the fronted come back immediately and work perfectly, but i need to do this every time I run a dosbox game. I also run in the same display some windows native games like riden 3 or 4 and when I exit them all is working fine, AM comes back as expected, so is a dosbox (or maybe AHK launcher) issue.
any suggestions?
second question: when AM launch a dosbox game I always see the dosbox startup screen (only for some seconds) before the dos game start, any way to hide it? (the dosbox console is hidden, I'd like to hide the main dosbox startup window)
sorry for my poor english... ;)

Joseph from italy

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