Author Topic: Exiting MAME ? ESC not working / not exiting MAME. Libretro 2003 RetroArch AM  (Read 488 times)


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Using Attract mode as a front end etc... I'm only focused / concerned with MAME As the emulator no other systems on this build. I can't use the TAB function in MAME to set an EXIT using ESC on my keyboard, it will allow me to map virtually everything else, with the exception of exiting the emulator.

I tried setting up a HOT KEY emulator exit on Attract Mode, It exits the game but yet leaves it running in the background I can still hear the sounds of the game which is a major issue as they just keep getting layered just running in the background.

The version of MAME i'm using which is MAME 2003 / libretro in conjunction with RetroArch.

I literally just want to hit ESC on my keyboard and have it exit a game in MAME & I can't even do that, any help with this ? 

Also this is running on a Raspberry Pi 3b+

Please also note I can access my pi via WinSCP so If I need to modify a .cfg file or .sh etc please let me know exactly what file needs to be modified in order for ESC key press on my keyboard to exit MAME.
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Using the "escape" key is how a full version of MAME works but not RetroArch.

All RetroArch controls are setup through the RetroArch GUI. You need to use two buttons/keys: one as a hotkey and one as an exit key. You can also manually modify the /retroarch/autoconfig/<controller>.cfg file to assign these buttons/keys. Once you have this setup you will need to press both buttons/keys at the same time to exit.

P.S. You could also modify the retroarch.cfg file to include "input_exit_emulator = "escape"" but I don't recommend it. If you do take this approach make sure you make a backup copy of retroarch.cfg first.
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