Author Topic: Why the question mark on bottom of Robospin theme "?" See attached image inside.  (Read 112 times)


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Just curious what's the deal with the question mark on the bottom of Robospin theme ? Any way to clear that or what's the significance of it ?


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This is show icon for game category: Action, Shooter, Maze and etc.

Must add in romlist
AM Version : 2.1.0/2.3.0
Input :  Mouse; Keyboard; USB Joystick, Arcade controls
Cabinet : No ( working on second ) and Yes one with Pandoras Box 4
OS : Groovy Arcade 2016/Windows
System : IBM M52 ; Intel P4 3GHz Dual Core ; 4GB DDR2 RAM
Emulators : mame, mupen64plus, PSX (mednafen), Dolph