Author Topic: Reicast Core (Retroarch) for Dreamcast and Dreamcast BAsed arcade Systems  (Read 111 times)


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Reicast core has been going places recently and is finally shaping up to become The emulator of choice for dc and dc based arcade systems. A few changes recently

1- Started supporting .chd v5 (so would work with .chds created by latest MAME)
2- Started supporting Sega Naomi and Sammy Atomiswave (MAME roms will work directly without any tweaking)
3- Per-Pixel accuracy (OIT) available, it will require a good rig though.

DC emulation has been lagging for a few years now and only viable emulator (for dc and dc arcades) was Demul. Demul is still the best when it comes to compatibility percentage but Reicast is fast becoming a serious alternative. At this stage Reicast doesn't support Windows CE games. Those of you looking for an emulator for dc games should give reicast a try, being on retroarch provides many benefits like shaders, easy control setup etc.

Official Reicast page on Retroarch:

Some articles of recent changes: